We store our family albums at my grandmother’s house.
Every summer when I go for a visit, I take out the albums and spend hours
looking over the photographs
of my parents growing up; their wedding in my mother’s elegant yet simple dress; my grandparents;
images of bygone times when I was too young to remember.

Your wedding album is an heirloom that will be passed down to your children and grandchildren.
It is your love story waiting to be told for generations to come.

Fine Art Leather Cover Albums

The albums I offer are handmade, bounded in leather, with choice of photo insert on the front cover.
The images are mounted flush to the page – they have no hinge, and they can be designed to full panoramic spreads
that open perfectly flat. I design the layout together with you so that all your favorite images will be part of the album.
We will make sure that the album as a whole is designed in the way that will tell your story best.

I like to use clean, timeless design. Classic designs never go out of style.

Here are some examples of albums designed in 2013.

decor1Jessica + Thomas’ Album

You can view the full story of their barn wedding here.

Album A 01Album A 06Finland Barn Wedding - Jessica Thomas 0019Album A 07Finland Barn Wedding - Jessica Thomas 0042Album A 11Album A 12Album A 13Album A 14Album A 18Finland Barn Wedding - Jessica Thomas 0100Finland Barn Wedding - Jessica Thomas 0041



decor1Oana + Radu’s album

You can view the images their spring wedding in Paris here.

Album B 01Album B 03Paris Wedding - Maria Hedengren Photography 049Paris Wedding - Maria Hedengren Photography 050Album B 04Album B 08Album B 13Album B 14Album B 15Album B 16Album B 17



decor1Georgina and Javier’s album

You can view more images of their Villa Haikko wedding here.

Album C 01Villa Haikko Wedding - Georgina Javier 001Villa Haikko Wedding - Georgina Javier 007Villa Haikko Wedding - Georgina Javier 010Album C 03Album C 04Album C 08Villa Haikko Wedding - Georgina Javier 049Album C 10Album C 16Villa Haikko Wedding - Georgina Javier 077


decor1Zsuzsanna + Andras ‘s album

You can find more images of their wedding here.

Album D 01Forest wedding - Villa Kieloranta - Zsu Andras 0011Forest wedding - Villa Kieloranta - Zsu Andras 0025Album D 03Album D 04Album D 05Album D 07Forest wedding - Villa Kieloranta - Zsu Andras 0038Forest wedding - Villa Kieloranta - Zsu Andras 0039Album D 10Album D 12Album D 13Album D 17

Forest wedding - Villa Kieloranta - Zsu Andras 0045