Let's start planning your

Lapland adventure!

My VISION is to create art so HEARTFELT and EXPRESSIVE that it binds you, soul and spirit, to the very essence of your love. That in the decades to come you don’t just look back and think, “God, we were beautiful” but, “Look, how deeply we have loved.”

And so I much look forward to get to know you as we plan your Lapland adventure. I’ll be ready to document every detail and moment of your day in a more honest and heartfelt way.


Maria Hedengren Photographer

Hejsan! This is me.

I am a change-maker with a passion for cultural diversity.

I value integrity, genuineness, reliability, and movement (choosing to never stay stuck); and am intentional about building beautiful experiences for the people around me.

Having photographed over 300 weddings in countries all around the world, I can safely say you’re in great hands. And I can not wait to help you prepare your photo session in Lapland.