Maria Hedengren Phottographer
Maria Hedengren Photographer


You are about to make the best decision of your life!

Marriage is

a beautiful adventure,

and I wish you all the best on your journey.


My vision is to capture

Inspiring Beauty,



in my images.

In each and every couple I see something unique and enthralling; something that makes my heart say, "this is what life is all about."

I structure my work, in both service and product, around one simple aim: shining light on the love you share and allowing you to experience it in all it's fullness.

The Experience

Maria Hedengren

I intend to make sure the entire photography experience is about you, and your vision for your wedding. We’ll keep in touch as you are moving forward with the planning, and work together to ensure the flow of the day is as smooth as possible, making the most of my artistic skills.

Before the Wedding

I’ll take a look at your venue and surroundings, and be prepared with several locations where we can take portraits. I’ll also get in touch with your planner, wedding stylist, and toastmaster about all the details of the day.

Every part of the day will be well taken care of.

Maria Hedengren

The Wedding Day

Now is the time to relax and enjoy your beautiful day. I am there to document your unique story, to help and to support you in any way needed to make sure you are enjoying the party.

Working with me

feels like exhaling.

wedding bridal designer dress

You wake up on your wedding day with a surge of thoughts and emotions filling your mind. You've been anticipating this day, putting so much of your time and heart into preparing for this. And as your feet connect with the floor beneath you, an unspoken question lies before you: Can I trust that everything is in place? Can I surrender to presence and give myself over to fully experience this day?

To do so, you need to have unwaivering confidence in the people you have entrusted to carry out your vision. Especially the person tasked to freeze in time every detail of this all important day.

And when you work with me, you can exhale. I've got this.

I place an extraordinary value on my own consistency. I am consistent in my intention to produce art; in my ability to lead when appropriate; in my desire to support you throughout your day, allowing you to be present and immersed in the moments that truly matter.

The quality of your work is just out of this world! You have it all - the ability to capture the moment, the diligent afterwork, delicate colors... and most importantly: the amazing personality, adventurous attitude, and kindness!

Alexandra + Greg | Destination Wedding in Sicily, 2014

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destination wedding Penha Longa resort
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up to 8h coverage

450-600 images

8h coverage

600-850 images

25x25cm Album

10h wedding day coverage
+ rehearsal dinner coverage

850-1200 images

25x25cm Album, 20 spreads




2nd Photographer + 1200

Longer Coverage

| + 350

+ 1 hour |

+75 images

What IS includeD?

I often cover weddings where family and friends gather from all over the world to celebrate my couple. Therefore, I place much focus on covering the wedding in a documentary, storytelling style.

I craft images that show real moments, emotions, reactions and which focus also on friends and family, and the overall atmosphere of the day.


Large Album

Regular Album

12x12, 20 spreads

10x10, 20 spreads



Parent Copy

8x8, 20 spreads


Wedding albums are visual stories passed down to next generations.

Fine Art Albums are handmade, bounded in leather, with clean and timeless design that never goes out of style. Images are mounted flush to the page – they have no hinge and so they can be designed to full panoramic spreads that open perfectly flat.

We design your album together, in the way that will tell your story best. All your favorite images will be in there.

“I don’t even know where to start. These albums are so beautiful- they far exceeded my expectations! Seriously, they took my breath away. The quality of every part - from the covers to the pages, to the saturated color of each image...some of the images looked 3D and just came right out of the page. Everyone in my family agrees. They said they had never seen anything like these albums. They are the icing on the cake to our very special and unique wedding. Truly one of a kind. We love them so much we’re afraid to let anyone else handle them, or even breathe on them!”

Claire + William | New York, 2019

la muralla roja editorial
muralla roja photographer
honeymoon at la muralla roja

Honeymoon Adventure

2+ hours

250+ images


No wedding day stress. No worries about the dress, the makeup, or the hair.

No guests waiting for you. No time limitation.

A stunning location. Morning sun or sunset light, your choice.


Time to breathe, time to explore, time to twirl.

After the wedding sessions are simply awesome.

And honeymoon destinations offer perfect locations for memorable couple sessions. Let me know about your travel plans, and I’ll document your adventures.

photosession in Zanzibar
photo session Zanzibar
photographer in Zanzibar
photographer in Zanzibar

“Wow. Just wow. You can’t possibly appreciate the amount of joy you have brought Nina and I with your perfect pictures.We are almost at a loss for words. You have captured our day, and the feelings of love and happiness we all shared together.

Your photos are artistic, and honest, and quite simply, beautiful.”

Nina + Brian | Inkoo, 2015

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best Finland wedding photographer
hääkuvaaja Helsinki


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Maria Hedengren Photography
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Having attended more weddings than I can count, I’ve collected a fair amount of useful insights that help couples plan a wedding experience which reflects who you are and what matters to you most. Browse the resource library for valuable tips on planning your perfect day.

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