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As a creative, I’ve learned it is often hard to let go. We get so attached, so emotionally involved, so zoomed-in, we want to be in charge of everything and so we forget to take a step back and just breathe.

But what if what we wanted to achieve isn’t a specific image, but instead,

a story, a moment, a memory?

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Featured Sessions

Intimate Indoor Couple Session

Sailing Adventures in the Finnish Archipelago

Travel Adventure in Kyoto, Japan

Real, intimate moments just happening in front of my lens. Without pausing, without interference, without me being part of it.

When Rabbe told me about his proposal to Jonna, it was one of the coolest and funniest proposal stories I’ve heard. I instantly new we needed to sail back to that island for their pre-wedding photos.

One of the top things we wanted to visit in Kyoto was its beautiful Zen temples. The Ryōan-ji Temple is maybe the most famous, known to have the most perfect Zen garden. But I admit, my favorite was the Tofukuji Temple in Kyoto, and the session we photographed there was my favorite.

Colorful Wooden House Neighborhood Engagement

Muralla Roja Couple Session

Winter Engagement Session

Pre-Wedding in Helsinki, Finland

I simply cannot hide my love for photographing portraits in urban spaces. Cynthia and Dani's couple session at Muralla Roja was heaven for my creative soul.

Puu-Käpylä is a garden city built in Helsinki in the 1920s. The colorful wooden houses are surrounded by beautiful gardens.

Crisp and Sunny Winter

Sailing Adventures in the Finnish Archipelago

Autumn Engagement Session

Honeymoon in Gion, Kyoto's Geisha District, Japan

Yoko and Blaine. These two amazing humans of New York planned their wedding in Yoko’s grandmother’s town, Kyoto. After their western style wedding at Shozan Resort, we met again for an “after the wedding” session exploring Kyoto.

"Maria.. You are just purely AWESOME!

We've got nothing but love towards you. You delivered what

you promised and more!"

Quỳnh + Duy, | Helsinki, 2022

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