Matilda + Petter //Youthful Wedding in Helsinki

Fila Helsinki wedding // Filadelfia Helsingfors bröllop

When we look back at our wedding day we are filled with so much thankfulness. The day was wonderful, filled with love, happiness and people that mean a lot to us. The day was just as we wanted it to be and so much more. It´s hard to know what parts were the best because everything was special, but we enjoyed the photograph session, we were touched by the ceremony and had a blast at the party. – Matilda

Fila Helsinki weddingFila Helsinki weddingFiladelfia Helsingfors Filadelfia Helsingfors Filadelfia Helsingfors bröllopFiladelfia Helsingfors bröllopFiladelfia Helsingfors bröllop


We knew from the start that we wanted to invest in the wedding photos, because when the day is over, the one thing you have left is the photos and they will remind you of the beautiful day. So the photos were important for us. Still we of course had a budget, so we needed to reconsider many times if we could afford it, but we took a chance and we have not regret it one day. Maria is a talented and hardworking lady, so we knew that we could trust her completely and that was a great thing. Her photos are artistic and professional in a special way. I loved that I, who likes to be in control especially when it comes to photos, could just leave that to Maria and totally trust her in that. She is confident and believes in what she´s doing and that feels safe.

We got beautiful pictures that captured the love and happiness in a great way. We had so many different kinds of photos that it´s been impossible to choose the best one. :) Maria worked hard on our wedding day and had listened to our wishes and photographed the moments and people we had asked for. The photo book was also amazingly beautiful and I´m grateful that we got time to sit down together and see the layout and got to do some changes before she sent the book to be printed, cause that was somehow important for me (the bride). The album was expensive but worth it all. I get a big smile on my lips every time I look in it and I love to show it to all of our guests. It’s something special indeed.

To someone who is considering Maria as their wedding photographer I would say go for it! It´s a bit expensive yes, but it´s quality and it´s hard work behind it all. She is talented and great at what she´s doing. She certainly has an eye for art. And if you want unique photos that capture the love of the two of you then Maria is a very safe choice. Not only capture she the special moments, but also the photo in itself is like a masterpiece. We choice to make a big painting on the wall in black and white from one of the photos and it´s like taken from a French old romantic movie, we love it!

M & P

Fila Helsinki wedding // Filadelfia Helsingfors bröllop // Vanha Kirkko wedding

Church: Vanha Kirkko
Reception: Fila Helsinki

Hair & Makeup: Ina Kohonen, City Hair
Wedding dress: Ladybird, from Boutique Beauty, Vasa
Shoes: Lilly
Hair Accessory: Morsmaikku, Johanna Lätti
Weddingrings: Timanttiforum
Bridesmaids Dress: Forcast
Groom’s Suit and Shoes: Frakkipalvelu Nam
Flowers: Livingroom
Catering: HSIS Catering Services
Cake: Tove Strömsholm
Band: Axel Kohonen, Tobias Sundman, Joakim Palmén, Rickard Söderlund, Nicolina Koskinen, Andreas Forsberg.
Stationary: DIY by Matilda and Petter
Wedding design and concept: Matilda

  • Beautifully done! Great eye for detail and capturing some great emotions.

  • rahul said:

    Really great work Maira, love the portraits!

  • As always Maria, your work is so beautiful. This wedding looks amazing!

  • always love seeing your work maria, amazing portraits

  • David Bock said:

    That bouquet is SO awesome.

  • Cassie said:

    Seriously a gorgeous wedding! Wonderful work!

  • Derrys said:

    I love these!!!! Lighting and composition is spot on!!

  • Britt-Marie Blom said:

    Härliga bilder!

  • Eivor said:

    Absolutely stunning are your pictures from this fantastic day - thank you Maria - we love them!

  • Great work. I love the first part, so many amazing portraits.

  • Eivor Kohonen said:

    Andlöst vackra bilder från en fantastisk dag.....

  • sachin said:

    So cool that they sang at the wedding .. always love your work Maria!

  • Rae said:

    This couple is so obviously in love and you've captured that so well. I love the first look images, absolutely stunning!!! What an awesome wedding!

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