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ARTFULLY modern, saturated in STORY.

With each release of my camera’s shutter, I have been entrusted with something precious and fleeting: a breath in time, an adventure far grander than you may have realized. And so it is with the utmost care that I reflect back to you - the most beautiful representation of that moment.

My background in photographic art collides with a documentary approach, producing expressive images that honour your unique story.

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There is a simple, yet enthralling beauty in Nordic weddings.

There’s a calmness that surrounds my couples on their wedding day. I believe it rises, in essence, from the ability to find pleasure and contentment in simple things. There’s that intimate atmosphere shaped by being surrounded by good friends and the closest family. 
I am truly blessed to call this place my home.

FINLAND Weddings

Helsinki | Turku | Porvoo | Rauma | Tampere

Poliisien Kesäkoti, Helsinki 2022

Hilton Helsinki Kalastajatorppa, 2021

Helsinki Tuomiokirkko + Ravintola NJK, 2023

A lush and colorful summer wedding, outdoor ceremony, sit-sit dinner party, and a late night swim.

Heidi Tuisku Finnish designer wedding dress, flower styling by Little Wedding Factory, dinner in the stunning Pyöreä Sali at Kalastajatorppa.

An international wedding at the most beautiful summer villa in Helsinki, NJK. A stunning Jesus Peiro dress, modern minimalism and timeless beauty.

Mustion Linna, 2023

Askolan Kirkko + Hivihaaran Kartano, 2021

Mikaelinkirkko + Villa Promenade, Ruissalo 2020

A a seamless blend of celebration and relaxation, showcasing the couple’s desire to focus on the joy of togetherness.

Nordic design, a monochromatic color palette and mid-century modern designs. A day that felt natural, relaxed, uncomplicated, with slow-paced program, dear friends, and delicious food.

Wine-tasting themed wedding, lush florals by MEvent weddings, the elegant Hirvihaaran Kartano estate, and late summer vibes.

Private Estate in Espoo, 2018

Villa Promenade Editorial, 2023

Hatanpään Kartano, Tampere 2023

Calliola, Raasepori Archipelago 2023

Hatanpään Kartano, Tampere 2022

Saksalainen Kirkko + Ravintola NJK, 2022

Helmiranta, Rauma 2011

An elegant wedding in a beautiful manor in Tampere, outdoor ceremony and relaxed celebrations.

An elegant white tie Swedish-German wedding at the beautiful NJK villa in Helsinki.

An outdoor Finnish archipelago summer wedding.

Irjanteen Kirkko + Villa Lokari, Eurajoki 2020

Mathildedalin Tuukkitehtaat, 2020

Ravintola Paven, Espoo 2020

Längelmäen Kirkko + Private Barn, Orivesi 2018

Aarnkari, Rauma Archipelago 2022

Järvenpään Kirkko, 2023

Espoon Tuomiokirkko + Sannäsin Kartano, 2022

International wedding in the Rauma archipelago, outdoor ceremony, beige hues, boho design.

Ceremony + Portraits.
An awesome wedding in Finland’s ugliest church.

Elegant and traditional, spring Finnish wedding at Sannäsin Kartano in Porvoo.

If you’ve read the “About” section of my website, you might already know that I have a background in Urban Planning. Studying Architecture had a big influence over my photography work. It taught me how to see space, texture, interaction of light, and perspective. It also shaped my perception of urban space, and gave me courage to express myself.

I simply cannot hide my love for photographing city weddings, and I thrive when shooting portraits in urban spaces.

Urban WEddings

Helsinki Cathedral + Kämp Peilisali, 2020

Hotel St. George + Ravintola OLO, 2020

Nordic Design Wedding in Helsinki, 2023

Pilvi and Joonas specifically wanted us to take wedding portraits with urban vibe. I loved that idea. We had so much fun waking down the historical Sofiankatu street for a short portrait session between the ceremony and dinner.

The most essential element of Krista and Leo’s day has been the intimacy of celebrating their wedding just with their parents. They chose a beautiful setting by booking the Coupole Suite at St. George Hotel, aiming for a simple yet elegant ambiance.

Inspired by the beauty of simplicity, Helsinki wedding photographer Maria Hedengren together with floral designer Maja Lehtinen of Little Wedding Factory, created this exclusive editorial for Häät magazine which focuses on modern minimalist design.

Hima ja Sali, Helsinki, 2022

G18 Events, Helsinki, 2022

Vanha Kirkko + Katajanokan Kasino, 2020

Located along Saana and Emil’s dog walking route, the Poliisien Kesäkoti wedding venue features an iconic small pine growing out of a rock overlooking the sea. It is a gorgeous spot for an outdoor ceremony.

Kaisa and Joonas got married during the Covid pandemic in an intimate ceremony. A year later, they could finally have the huge party they’ve been waiting for – at the elegant G18 Events venue in the heart of Helsinki.

Meeting Nelli, her impeccable sense of style will instantly strikea you. She is gorgeous, inside and out. And she also has a calm, beautiful soul.

Winter weddings

Winters in Finland are undoubtedly special.

The endless white covers the land and the trees. The skies are milky white. The nights are full of color.

Lauttasaari, Helsinki 2021

Helsinki, 2016

Kakslauttanen, 2019

Northern Lights Ranch, Levi 2022

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When asked what about my style of photography captures their interest, Susanna + Felix wrote:

"We were both super impressed with the way you capture / create such a wonderful atmosphere in your pictures! They seem so... warm!

In the portraits, one can really get a sense of the chemistry, the intimacy between the couple; one can sense the affection they have for each other without it becoming "too much". In a way, the same goes for the party pictures: we don´t know any of the couples you photographed, but looking at the pictures still made us smile and feel warm inside (hope that doesn´t sound too cheesy).

You have a great eye for detail without missing the general mood.

You show people in a kind, respectful, yet often funny and way; and you bring across all the emotions that a day like this brings about."

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