Finnish – Japanese Wedding on Suomenlinna Island

Finnish – Japanese Wedding

Pirunkirkon Juhlasali Häät | Suomenlinna Kirkko Häät | Finnish-Japanese Wedding in Helsinki


Suomenlinna Island Wedding

One of the places in Helsinki that I visit every summer, almost like a tradition, is Suomenlinna island. And I wonder sometimes if every other Helsinkian does that, or if it is just me.

Suomenlinna is a wonderfully relaxing summer day-trip: with cozy picnic sports, tunnels to explore (and yes, I still do that, because my inner child can not resist), and the picture-perfect pink fortress wall, where I need a photo every time I’m there. It is also a great location choice for an international wedding, as it provides a unique setting for foreign guests to experience Finland.

This wedding took place in late May, when the lilac trees were in full bloom and the evening light was warm and crisp. This might have been my favorite visit to Suomenlinna yet.

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Pirunkirkon Juhlasali Häät

There are several party venues on Suomenlinna (juhlatilat), but Pirunkirkon Juhlasali is by far my favorite. There is so much beauty in the simplicity of this place, and the evening light here is phenomenal. Scroll past the first dance and you’ll see what I mean.

Pirunkirkon juhlasali Pirunkirkon juhlasali häät Pirunkirkon juhlasalissa dokumentaarinen hääkuvaus Helsinki Pirunkirkon juhlasali häät Pirunkirkon juhlasali häät Pirunkirkko banquet hall wedding paper crane wedding decorations paper crane wedding decorations Pirunkirkon juhlasali häät Pirunkirkon juhlasali Pirunkirkon juhlasali wedding Japanese groom Japanese international wedding in Helsinki Finnish Japanese wedding ideas intercultural Japanese western wedding intercultural Japanese western wedding Frendit häät kaaso ja morsian kaasot ja sulhanen kaasot ja morsian häät first look kuvat

Finnish-Japanese Wedding

There is a fascinating connection between Finland and Japan. I find it intriguing to discover so many similarities between a European and an East Asian culture. It is not hard to observe shared values such as the high standard for quality and excellence, loyalty, politeness, punctuality, or the high regard for nature. Ken Mogi says “Finland is the Japan of Europe”.

Photographing a Finnish-Japanese wedding has been a long dream of mine. I am truly grateful to have been part of this day, and enjoyed every moment of it. I hope this will not be the last Finnish-Japanese wedding I experience. In fact, if you have friends who are a Finnish-Japanese couple, please get them in touch with me.

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Pirunkirkon Juhlasali Häät | Suomenlinna Kirkko Häät | Finnish-Japanese Wedding in Helsinki

This is the bride’s feedback, after seeing the images:
Thank you for the wonderful pictures! We went through the gallery, and every single shot was very beautiful. I have no words to describe how beautiful the pictures are. And we can only admire how you were able to catch the spirit and the atmosphere of our day perfectly. I can  feel the warmth and all of those lovely feelings we both went through during the day when I look at the pictures. So, THANK YOU! <3


Ceremony: Suomenlinna Kirkko Häät
Dinner: Pirunkirkon Juhlasali Häät

Hair Stylist: Kampaamo Olohuone, Sabrina | Wedding dress: Morsiusliike Josefiina, Justin Alexander Signature
Bride’s Shoes: Minna Parikka | Jewelry: Canal 4°C | Bridesmaids dresses: Yohji Yamamoto | Groom’s shoes: Carmina | Flowers: Floramore | Catering: Keikaus Catering | Cupcakes: Brooklyn Bakery


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