FinnishSwedish Archipelago Wedding in Houtskär

ELLEN + AXEL | June 2015

Houtskär Bröllop | Houtskari Häät |  Parainen | Pargas Bröllop | Houtskarin Kirkko Häät | Houtskär Kyrka Bröllop.


I photographed this wedding back in 2015 (!). While I like to hold on to my old work to be able to see how I grow over the years, I encourage your to check out my more recent work, here. 



Our story is weird” said Axel. “Well, it is the best one I know.

Axel and Ellen’s story revolves around the sea. They first met on an island at a confirmation camp. A summer later, after a spontaneous barbeque by the beach, Axel gathered his courage to tell her how much he thinks of her. Then last spring, on a different island outside Helsinki, he proposed. So now their wedding could not have been in a better place than out on Houtskär island in the Finnish Archipelago, close to Ellen’s family summer cottage.

We sat and we ate pizza and they told me about how they met. I couldn’t help but think back on the days when Rufus and I first met: so young, and shy, and much in love.

I asked them, as I do with all my couples, what they like about each other. And then, instead of answering back to me, they smiled and blushed and turned towards each other and I experienced this beautiful conversation:
Axel I like your looks. You’re the most beautiful woman I know. And your honesty, your genuine character. And your big heart for people. And you love God, I like that.
Ellen “You are so different, almost from a whole other world. And you are spontaneous.
Axel “I’m a weirdo
Ellen “Yes, and I love it.” “There’s a purity in you that is not from this world. And the joy of being with such a romantic man!..  I love the way you are a man and treat me as a woman, your vulnerability, your stability. The way you love me.

Axel Ellen 002Axel Ellen 003Axel Ellen 004Axel Ellen 005Axel Ellen 006HäävalokuvaajaAxel Ellen 008Axel Ellen 009
Ceremony at Houtskär kyrka (Houtskarin kirkko). Houtskarin kirkkoHoutskär kyrka bröllopHoutskär kyrka bröllopAxel Ellen 013Axel Ellen 014Axel Ellen 015Axel Ellen 016Axel Ellen 017Axel Ellen 018Houtskär kyrkaHoutskarin kirkko Axel Ellen 021Axel Ellen 022Axel Ellen 023Houtskarin kirkkoHoutskär kyrka bröllopHoutskarin kirkkoAxel Ellen 027Houtskär kyrka bröllopAxel Ellen 029Houtskär kyrka Axel Ellen 031Houtskarin kirkkoHoutskarin kirkkoAxel Ellen 034Houtskarin kirkkoAxel Ellen 036Houtskär kyrka Houtskär kyrka Houtskär kyrka Finland bröllopsfotografFinland bröllopsfotografFinland bröllopsfotografParainen HääkuvaajaHääkuvaaja Parainen HääkuvaajaHääkuvaaja Parainen HäävalokuvaajaParainen HäävalokuvaajaAxel Ellen 050Axel Ellen 051Houtskari häätAxel Ellen 053Axel Ellen 054Axel Ellen 055Axel Ellen 056Axel Ellen 058Axel Ellen 059Axel Ellen 057Axel Ellen 060Axel Ellen 061Axel Ellen 062Axel Ellen 063Axel Ellen 064Axel Ellen 065Axel Ellen 066Axel Ellen 067Axel Ellen 068Axel Ellen 069Axel Ellen 070Axel Ellen 072Axel Ellen 071Axel Ellen 073Axel Ellen 074Axel Ellen 075Axel Ellen 076Axel Ellen 077Axel Ellen 078Axel Ellen 080Axel Ellen 081Axel Ellen 082Axel Ellen 083Axel Ellen 084Axel Ellen 085Axel Ellen 086Axel Ellen 087Axel Ellen 088Axel Ellen 089Axel Ellen 090Axel Ellen 091Axel Ellen 092Axel Ellen 093Axel Ellen 094Parainen HäätAxel Ellen 096Axel Ellen 097Axel Ellen 098Axel Ellen 099Axel Ellen 100Axel Ellen 102Houtskär BröllopFinland Archipelago weddingFinland archipelago weddingHoutskär BröllopParainen HäätAxel Ellen 108Axel Ellen 109Axel Ellen 110Parainen HäätHoutskari Hääkuvaaja Houtskari Hääkuvaaja Houtskär BröllopHoutskari Hääkuvaaja Parainen HäätParainen Häät
Houtskär bröllop. Houtskari häät. Parainen. Pargas bröllop. Houtskarin kirkko häät. Houtskär kyrka bröllop.

Finland Archipelago Wedding of a Swedish Finnish/ Spanish couple, our friends Axel and Ellen.

Ceremony: Houtskär bröllop, Houtskär kyrka (Houtskarin kirkko)

Wow, wow and wow!
Thank you! The images are beautiful and there was a big variance that we really enjoyed. All the comments we have heard have been positive and amazed.
A year ago we could never had imagine that we would have you as our wedding photographer. You yourself was above all our expectations. It was lovely to sit in your sofa telling you our story and we were truly impressed by the way you organized especially the family portraits and the question blanket we filled in beforehand. Many of our family members have commented it afterwards in an positive way. Your professionalism was so inspiring and mad us feel loved and special. Your artistic flexibility was lovely to experience – how you saw the beautiful beach at Kittuis and wanted to work even the next day with us!
Ellen and Axel


so lovely and beautiful story…. congrats for so nice work!!!

Such a beautiful wedding. The emotion you’ve captured is amazing, it brought a tear to my eye. Fantastic work.

So beautiful pictures Maria. Even if I do not know Ellen and Axel, one can see from the picture how much love there is <3

Really lovely photos Maria, looks like a beautiful wedding in a stunning location!

This is so beautiful!! Love the lighting!!

Beautiful, Maria! That light during those portraits was STUNNING!!

What a stunning collection of images!!! I love their story when you asked what they like about each other!! So adorable and it shows in the imagery as well! Beautifully shot!

Beautiful work as always Maria, your couple portraits in this one are exceptional, but the overall coverage and moments captured tell their unique story so well. Well done.

Really beautiful and tender coverage. You really capture a lot of soul in your photography, I always enjoy looking at it.

Absolutely EPIC – what more can I say!?

Wow these are absolutely stunning. I love the way you approach the wedding.

prettiest portraits. love.

These are so gorgeous, all of them. But I especially love the set of them laughing with each other during the ceremony, what an amazing moment :)

Completely stunning – you should be proud of this one!

Oh my goodness. This wedding, this gorgeous couple.


Such beautiful story telling through your images. Loved it!!

Awesome storytelling and those portraits at the end are just beautiful.

Beautiful location, light and work Maria! Very much enjoyed this post! x

wow – simply incredible.

This wedding is wonderful and you’ve captured it with so much heart and grace. Beautiful.

what amazing set of photographs, so beautiful, just love all the colours and emotion you’ve captured.

What a stunning setting and lovely coverage of the day. You can really sense the emotion and their love for each other in each frame. Lovely work! :-)

Photos are just gorgeous! Your work is incredible it really is.

Hi Maria – what a great wedding, and just beautifully captured.
Love all the candied moments you have captured

Freaking incredible and very inspiring.


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