[ London ]Neha + Pekka //Indian Wedding London

Indian Wedding London Dinner.
I traveled a lot this summer. I photographer in Paris, Lyon, London, south of Portugal and Lisbon. But there has not been a place I felt more at home than at Neha’s parents home. I had a most amazing time getting to know her family. What an honor to be there to document their wedding day!

This is the first part of it, an Indian pre wedding dinner at Neha’s parents house in Wyboston UK. Their Finnish – Indian wedding followed a week later on Klippan island, Helsinki.

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Indian Wedding London Dinner

Hey Maria, – Wedding photographer extraordinaire!!!!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for picking our wedding that day and sharing our wedding with us.
I hope you also managed to enjoy some parts of it even though you were busy!!!!

I honestly felt so much at ease with you and you fit in just like our friends. My family love you and your work as do I!!!



  • tobiah said:

    Great photography - I love the fields of flowers in particular.

  • PJ said:

    I love the use of trees on pictures, amazing work.

  • belinda said:

    Wow, what great storytelling here. These are absolutely perfect. Lovely lovely images. :)

  • ALMA // said:

    Love the field of flowers and the last 2 frames from the wedding!

  • Great storytelling and some really creative stuff here. Love your b&w's.

  • Brittany said:

    Ah! She is such a stunning bride. Love the photos of them in the field.

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