International Wedding in Transylvanian Village

ASTRID + RAZVAN | July 2015

Nunta Domeniul Orlandea, Sibiel Wedding.


I photographed this wedding back in 2015. While I like to hold on to my old work to be able to see how I grow over the years, I encourage your to check out my more recent work, here. 


wedding donkey donkey wedding

Astrid and Razvan are a Belgian – Romanian couple who planned their wedding Sibiel, a beautiful village in the heart of Romania.

The wedding day was great! It was a lot of work to organize a wedding from abroad, and with about half of the guests also coming from abroad. We organized accommodation for most of our guests, as well as a pool party the day after and an excursion for the 3rd day. It was definitely worth our time and effort. We had such an amazing time!


Nunta la Domeniul Orlandea

The venue, Domeniul Orlandea, in the Transylvanian village of Sibiel, were very accommodating. They let us use their pool and grounds the day after the wedding as we had a brunch and a party there together with most of the guests.

The band was awesome. They are called Trupa Feelings, 8 young guys that play cover songs and traditional Romanian music originally from Bacau. I understand they regularly tour all over Romania mostly at weddings but also as openings acts for bigger pop acts. We were impressed with their stamina, they played nearly non-stop from 8 pm to 5.30 am. And throughout they kept on surprising with fireworks, confetti and choreography. It was like going to see one of your favorite bands play live!  It was really the best band we or any of our guests had seen perform at a wedding.

Astrid Razvan 001 Astrid Razvan 002 rochie de mireasa Astrid Razvan 004 Astrid Razvan 005 Astrid Razvan 006 Astrid Razvan 007 Astrid Razvan 008 Astrid Razvan 009 Astrid Razvan 010 Astrid Razvan 011 Astrid Razvan 012 Astrid Razvan 013 Astrid Razvan 014 Astrid Razvan 015 Astrid Razvan 016 Astrid Razvan 017 Astrid Razvan 018 french wedding in romania Astrid Razvan 020 Astrid Razvan 021 romania wedding Astrid Razvan 023 Astrid Razvan 024 Astrid Razvan 025 Astrid Razvan 026 Astrid Razvan 027 romania wedding Astrid Razvan 029 Astrid Razvan 030 Astrid Razvan 031 Astrid Razvan 032 Astrid Razvan 033 Astrid Razvan 034 Astrid Razvan 035 Astrid Razvan 036 Astrid Razvan 037 Astrid Razvan 038 wedding romania Astrid Razvan 040 Astrid Razvan 041 Astrid Razvan 042 Astrid Razvan 043 Astrid Razvan 044 Astrid Razvan 045 nunta sibiu wedding horse wedding horse nunta sibiel fotograf nunta sibiu nunta sibiu Astrid Razvan 052 Astrid Razvan 053 nunta sibiel romania wedding photographer nunta sibiu nunta sibiel fotograf nunta sibiel nunta sibiel sibiu wedding sibiu wedding photographer Astrid Razvan 062 Astrid Razvan 063

Razvan surprised me by hiring a donkey for the evening (I don’t know why but I just love donkeys :) so we got some really cool and unexpected shots with it. It was loads of fun. Especially when I got the wet donkey’s ear in my face! (or not! :)

wedding donkey wedding donkey donkey bride wedding couple with donkey wedding donkey fotograf sibiel nunta sibiel nunta sibiu nunta transilvania magar nunta nunta cu magar magar nunta Astrid Razvan 076 Astrid Razvan 077 Astrid Razvan 078Astrid Razvan 079Astrid Razvan 080

Best memories?

Dancing the whole night long with our friends and family. Nothing beats having a party with 100 of the closest people in your life all in one place at one time. The fact that we could continue spending time with our guests for another two days after the wedding was also great of course. It allowed both sides of the family to first loosen up and socialize non-verbally on the dancefloor, then they really get to know each other at the pool party and while climbing up the Transfagarasan on the third day.

nunta cort Astrid Razvan 082 Astrid Razvan 083 Astrid Razvan 084 Astrid Razvan 085 Astrid Razvan 086 Astrid Razvan 087 Astrid Razvan 088 domeniul orlandea Astrid Razvan 090 nunta la cort Astrid Razvan 092 Astrid Razvan 093 Astrid Razvan 094 Astrid Razvan 095 Astrid Razvan 096 trupa feelings Astrid Razvan 098 Astrid Razvan 099 Astrid Razvan 100 Astrid Razvan 101 Astrid Razvan 102 Astrid Razvan 103 Astrid Razvan 104 Astrid Razvan 105 Astrid Razvan 106 Astrid Razvan 107 Astrid Razvan 108 Astrid Razvan 109 Astrid Razvan 110 Astrid Razvan 111 trupa feelings Astrid Razvan 113 Astrid Razvan 114 zorba grecul zorba grecul zorba grecul Astrid Razvan 118 trupa feelings nunta domeniul orlandea

Nunta Domeniul Orlandea, Sibiel Wedding

Location: Nunta Domeniul Orlandea, Sibiel | Music: Trupa Feelings, Bacau

Thank you Radu for shooting with me! And for the raspberries :)

We came across your photos through a mutual friend on facebook. And it was instantly clear that we wanted you to photograph our wedding. We were impressed with your style, chromatic, framing, as well as narrative power. We noticed your versatility in capturing stories with a lot of empathy for its protagonists, and their unique character, which shows in the photos. I guess we wanted to feel special. And we wanted to have the portraits of our friends and family in the craftiest hands possible.

Were your expectations met? What did you most enjoy about working with me?

Totally. No hesitation at all. You were always so easy to communicate with and easy going. I felt like I barely saw you during the whole party yet there are so many photos of us. You were so discreet! Our family also said the same thing. You were extremely easy to work with!

Are you satisfied with the quality of the photographs in terms of artistic expression?  What was the response/reaction of your parents and your friends when seeing the images?

Very much. Friends said they were surprised you managed to get people’s good sides only! It is hard to get non-photogenic people to look that good. Of course, having twice as many photos what we asked for was a good surprise! It is really hard to choose our favorites as they are all really amazing.


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