[ Sucevita ]Raluca + Lucian //Old Monastery Wedding

Old Monastery Wedding. Sucevita Destination Wedding.

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Old Monastery Wedding Sucevita Destination Wedding

Earlier this summer I traveled far up in the north of Romania to photograph the wedding of Raluca and Lucian. I had an amazing time there. I was overwhelmed with the beauty of the mountains. I experienced the craziest wedding party of this summer.  I broke the record in wedding coverage, photographing for 23 hours. (Many thanks to Em Iova for working beside me on this day). And I won a fearless award with an image from this day.

The orthodox wedding ceremony took place in the in the Sucevita Monastery, a painted church part of World Heritage Sites.

Here is what Raluca writes about her wedding:

– Tell me about how your wedding day has been. What were the best parts of your wedding?
It all went so fast that I can hardly remember something clearly.
I guess the karaoke part was nice, the flying candles also and the flash stickers dancing.

– What were you looking for when searching for a wedding photographer? Why did you choose me?
I loved the way the photos looked.  The looked clean, natural.
– Were your expectations met?
Totally. It felt like having a friend not a photographer. That was the best part!
– Are you satisfied with the quality of the photographs in terms of artistic expression?
– What was the response/reaction of your parents and your friends when seeing the images?
They did not see them yet. Didn’t get the time to do that :( I wait for the album.
– What did you most enjoyed about working with me?
Impression of having a friend. That was what I needed. Thank you!

– Were there any things that did not meet your expectations?
Nop. I would like to know you better. You really are a nice person.
– What would you tell to another couple who was considering Maria Hedengren Photography for their wedding? 
Destination Wedding PhotographerDestination Wedding Photographer
Sucevita Monastery, Sucevita, Romania
Motel Ieremia MovilaHair Stylist: ­ Vogue Beauty Center Radauti
­Makeup: ­ Francesca Schipor, Vogue Beauty Center Radauti
Wedding dress: ­ salon Gabriela , Rosemarie
­­Groom’s suit: ­ Bigotti, Plaza Mall Bucuresti
­Flowers: Moments in Style, Suceava
DJ: Zamfirache
­Stationary: Erwan Renaudo + Raluca Podiuc
­Wedding design and concept: Raluca Podiuc

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