[ Wanha Bäckby ]Jutta + Tony //Modern Winter Wedding

Pakilan Hyvän Paimenen kirkko häät. Wanha Bäckby Wedding

A cozy winter wedding at Wanha Bäckby Wedding on one of those rare days of winter this February.

Here is what Jutta and Tony write about their day:
“For us some big topics regarding the planning process included finding a good place for a winter (in-door) wedding and planning the menu for our guests. We had a rather clear vision for both of these and eventually we felt very happy with them. We put a lot of time and effort into the planning and preparations, but it really was worth it and there was nothing that was a clear disappointment for us. We are both quite creative and like crafts – so making things our selves (like the invitation + decorations for the wedding) was important too.

Also our family members spend much time helping us plan our wedding. The day was planned through thoroughly and everything went smoothly. Only the weather was not perfect, but even that part was OK at the time of the portrait pictures outside. And we got wonderful white-winter-wedding pictures.

Our “support-team” had done such a good job, that we didn’t have to stress at all and could just enjoy our day. It was in all ways a perfect wedding and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves and have a good time, that was very important for us. The best “part” of the day was the warm and loving atmosphere among family and friends.”

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Pakilan Hyvän Paimenen kirkko häät

When we started to look for a wedding photographer we wanted to find someone, who took documentary pictures with an artistic touch we liked. We wanted to have the moments and feelings of the day captured in many photos  and have all the people and events of the day in them. While browsing through different websites we found it hard to find the right combination of having “pieces of art” + “normal documentation” in the pictures. That is exactly what we found, when we saw your pictures on your website.
The pictures on your website show how talented you are. What we appreciated maybe the most was the effort that you put in planning and preparing for our wedding, even on such short notice (e.g. going to check the church out beforehand). The long chat on the phone and the meeting at Jutta’s parents house was also very nice. It was good to meet and get to know you in advance. It felt comfortable to have a “friend” around on our wedding day, not a total stranger. Finally, where you really exceeded our expectations was the very fast delivery time of all the pictures!
We wanted to have perfect pictures of our wedding and that is what we got. :) Thousand thanks for that! We will surely recommend you to our friends and family.
Jutta and Tony


Ceremony: Pakilan Hyvän Paimenen kirkko häät
Reception: Wanha Bäckby

Makeup & Hair Stylist: Oulunkylän Hiusateljee
Wedding dress: Morsmaikku, Johanna Lätti
Shoes: Rainbow
Jewelry: Lumoava
Ring: custom made at Kultanäppi Maunula
Bridesmaids dresses: Custom made by Anna Eskelinen
Groom’s suit: Suomen pukuvuokraamo
Groom’s shoes: Lloyd
Flowers: Marja Leksis
Catering: Wanha Bäckby
Cake: Wanha Bäckby
DJ: HääDJ, Janne Penttinen
Maria’s lovely assistant: Amparo Espana.

  • Hyvän Paimenen Church in Pakila. First time for me there as well, loved it! Just perfect for a winter wedding.

  • Tim Kelly said:

    The photos outside in the snow are lovely! The light is so good!

  • Nice work again Maria! What church is that btw? Cool Lamps there :)

  • Isabelle said:

    Great work Maria, I know how difficult it can be to shoot winter weddings up here in the dark north, you did it SO well!!

  • Man, you guys have really cool churches. Those first portraits are ridiculously good!

  • Very pretty set of photos. I really enjoyed the snowy portraits.

  • Love your snow portraits here. So beautiful. Also her dress is absolutely darling!

  • Matt said:

    Lovely as ever Maria, stylish photography for a stylish wedding.

  • small said:

    Such a fun winter wedding! I love the lights in the church, very pretty!

  • Great set of images. Love the dance shot with the flare/reflection on the left.

  • Loving that snowy landscape - beautiful portraits Maria

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