Marika + Chris

Poliisien Kesäkoti Häät. Finnish British Wedding.

A Finnish British celebration. A DIY Rustic Burlap Summer Wedding on the rocks, next to the sea, surrounded by the Finnish forest.
Food, laughter, story telling times with friends and family. Just about as simple and real as a wedding can be.
And a beautiful summer day.

Marika Chris 002Marika Chris 003Marika Chris 004Poliisien Kesäkoti Marika Chris 006Marika Chris 007Marika Chris 008Marika Chris 009dokumentaarinen hääkuvausMarika Chris 011Helsinki outdoor weddingMarika Chris 014Marika Chris 015Marika Chris 016Marika Chris 017Marika Chris 018Marika Chris 019Marika Chris 020Marika Chris 021Marika Chris 022Marika Chris 023Marika Chris 024Poliisien Kesäkoti Marika Chris 026Marika Chris 027Marika Chris 028Marika Chris 028BMarika Chris 030Helsinki wedding photographerHääkuvaus HelsinkiHääkuvaus HelsinkiHääkuvaus HelsinkiHääkuvaus HelsinkiHelsinki HääkuvausHelsinki Hääkuvausdokumentaarinen hääkuvaus

Marika planned the design all herself and took care of all the decorations. When she first told me it was going to be DIY I admit I was a bit skeptical because I’ve experienced DIY weddings that aim to look like Pinterest inspiration boards but fall short of looking anything like that. But Marika changed my idea about DIY. Her wedding was just gorgeous. The decor was simple and tasteful and done with much love. I especially liked the name tags. I mean, there was a small heart next to my name!Marika Chris 039Marika Chris 040Marika Chris 041Poliisien Kesäkoti Poliisien Kesakoti HäätMarika Chris 044Helsinki rustic weddingHelsinki rustic weddingPoliisien Kesäkoti HäätMarika Chris 048Marika Chris 049Marika Chris 050Marika Chris 051Marika Chris 052Marika Chris 053Marika Chris 054Marika Chris 055Poliisien Kesakoti HäätMarika Chris 057Marika Chris 058Marika Chris 059Marika Chris 060Poliisien Kesakoti Marika Chris 062Marika Chris 063Marika Chris 064Marika Chris 065Marika Chris 066Marika Chris 067Marika Chris 068Marika Chris 069Poliisien Kesakoti Marika Chris 071Marika Chris 072Marika Chris 073Marika Chris 074Marika Chris 075Poliisien Kesäkoti HäätMarika Chris 077Marika Chris 078

I especially appreciated the relaxed, laid-back atmosphere of the day. It is what weddings should be, I think. No pretending to be someone fancy. No putting up a show for the guests. No stressing for everything to be perfect. (although, I would say everything was perfect!). Simply enjoying the day. And having fun. And being happy. And playful. And merry :)

One of my favorite parts was the storytelling. That sounds strange, doesn’t it? I saw it in the timeline before the event and it intrigued me as well. Marika explained that her and her best friends enjoy a good story. So she wanted to incorporate that in her wedding. Her friends told an old tale about a silent princess who refused to speak. Her father, the king, was offering her hand in marriage to the man who could make her speak. And of course, many young men tried.

Poliisien Kesäkoti HäätMarika Chris 080Marika Chris 081dokumentaarinen hääkuvausMarika Chris 083dokumentaarinen hääkuvausMarika Chris 085Marika Chris 086Marika Chris 087Marika Chris 088dokumentaarinen hääkuvausMarika Chris 090Marika Chris 091Marika Chris 092Marika Chris 093Häävalokuvaaja HelsinkiHäävalokuvaaja HelsinkiHäävalokuvaaja HelsinkiHäävalokuvaaja HelsinkiHelsinki Häävalokuvaajadokumentaarinen hääkuvausHelsinki HäävalokuvaajaHelsinki HäävalokuvaajaMarika Chris 102Marika Chris 103Helsinki weddingMarika Chris 105Marika Chris 106Helsinki wedding photographerMarika Chris 108Helsinki wedding photographerHelsinki wedding photographerValokuvaaja HelsinkiValokuvaaja HelsinkiValokuvaaja HelsinkiValokuvaaja HelsinkiMarika Chris 115Marika Chris 116Marika Chris 117

Poliisien Kesäkoti Häät. Finnish British Wedding

Ceremony and Reception: Poliisien Kesäkoti Häät
Design: DIY, Marika (the bride)


Absolutely one of my favourite pictures I’ve seen by you is the one with the reflection of the couple in the water. The third from last. So amazing and creative! You are so talented Maria.

Riktig fina bilder maria du är duktig

Beautiful coverage Maria! I really like your black and white processing.

Man it looked like that wedding was a blast! What gorgeous coverage. Love.

What an absolutely charming wedding <3

You caught some lovely moments, love the couple portraits.

I love how you dealt with such a tricky lighting situation on the first half of the day. Well done!

Absolutely adore your relaxed, lovely work!! That first shot is gorgeous!


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