Honeymoon Session in Portugal


Portugal Honeymoon Photography. Honeymoon Session in Portugal

Iris and Tudor live in Bucharest, Romania. Iris’ stepfather is Finnish, so she spent many summers in Finland and even studied here many years back.

A few weeks before her wedding, searching the web for wedding related stuff, Iris stumbled upon my website and decided to send me a message.

She already had an awesome photographer booked for her wedding day, but was intrigued to find a photographer who’s covered weddings both in Finland and Romania.

“Finding you felt so great. :) We will have Finnish guests at our wedding and also some Finnish music. I don’t know why am I writing this e-mail to you… We already have a photographer for the wedding, and a good one as well. You know, you can’t have all the good photographers as well as you can’t have all the wedding gowns and all the cakes. You have to settle for one!
But I started to think about the idea that we could do a photo shoot after the wedding. Maybe trash the dress?”

So I asked them about their honeymoon, and we planned for a honeymoon session in Portugal: a combination of an After the Wedding shoot and a casual documentary of a day on the streets of Lisbon.

Iris and Tudor spent about 2 weeks in Spain and Portugal. I met them towards the end of their stay in the south of Portugal, and we photographed in the Algarve region for the first day. Iris writes: “It was wonderful. The weather was hot and the sea was wonderfully blue. The rock mountain was going straight in the sea, so the landscape was dreamy. Who wouldn’t want their honeymoon pictures to take in such a place?! Must I say that we spent the evening there, and have a lovely photo session with a full moon hanging upon the sky? It was truly great.”

Two days later I followed them in Lisbon were we spent a casual day around the city. Lisbon has a special vibe, with yellow old trams and narrow streets, with old buildings and pine trees and a fortress on the hill.

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Portugal Honeymoon Photography. Honeymoon Session in Portugal.

“Looking back to the pictures now, we can feel the beat of Lisbon and relive every little sensation related to this city. I must say we were fortunate to find Maria. Being with her these few days was like meeting with an old friend. She is this joyful and spontaneous person that will photograph you a thousand times and still find new things to take photos with”. Iris.


Great session and amazing color in the sky! Great set

This post is just ridiculous. Absolutely breathtaking work, a mix of gorgeous portraits and a journalistic travel blog. AWESOME.

Wowie zowie! I love the scenery, obviously, but the posing, the colors, the variety, the whole feel of the shoot is just wonderful! Great work!

Wow, you really nailed it! Each set is superb!

Awesome job as usual Maria! And what a stunning location!

Wow what a place. You shot it so beautifully – love your compositions!

What a stunning location and couple! Great work.

what a session! your processing is AWESOME – this couple is lucky to have you as their photographer!

A really lovely set of photographs, the sunset ones are utterly gorgeous!

Oh wow, all of the shots on the cliffside are amazing. It’s so hard to choose a favorite frame to call out. Super awesome…

so great. Love your style

Once again, love it. But this time I especially enjoy your a bit more candid approach. Awesome work.

Oh dear! This is just insanely good. I love the ones under the trees with shadows. I love all of them. Fantastic work!

Oh my…I am so loving your work! And how cool is to be able to photograph couple in their honeymoon!!

L O V E. I T ! ! !

Thanks, Nani. I actually had a great time trying a different approach and I look forward for a new opportunity to work on this even more.

Very nice set Maria! I would love to shoot there too! :)

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so great. Love your style


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