Intimate Urban Wedding at a Michelin Star Restaurant in Helsinki

SAILA + MATIAS | August 2013

Pyhän Henrikin Katedraali Häät


I photographed this wedding back in 2013 (!). While I like to hold on to my old work to be able to see how I grow over the years, I encourage your to check out my more recent work, here. 


Saila planned everything to perfection: her awesome gown and hair accessory, the flowers, the hand-made stationary. I can imagine she worked for quite a while to put together all these stunning details ready. Still, the wedding day was simply to be enjoyed.

We took the wedding portraits before the ceremony, and it was one of the most relaxed and casual sessions I’ve had this summer.

The ceremony was at the St. Henry’s Catholic Cathedral, and it was followed by a fine dining reception dinner at G.W. Sundmans Restaurant. My favorite detail of the evening was the couple’s thoughtful gift for the kids – an abundance of coloring books and crayons.

Saila says: Our wedding day was wonderful!  It felt relaxed, yet still had a touch of elegance to it.  For us mutually, the best part of the day was the commitment that we were officially making to each other.  Matias especially liked the church ceremony and the music, and I really liked the reception and socializing with our families.

Documenting Saila and Matias’ s day was an enormous blessing. They are both such beautiful persons, I am abundantly grateful to have met them and humbled to have been made part of their special day.

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Pyhän Henrikin katedraali Häät.

– What were your expectations regarding the wedding photography? Why did you choose me?
We wanted someone who had a good artistic eye and could capture our wedding in a way that highlighted the feel and atmosphere of the day.  We chose you because your previous work was a great example of how you could achieve this!

– In what areas did I meet or exceed your expectations?
The quality and artistic expression of the photos definitely met our expectations and the entire photography aspect of the day exceeded them as a whole.
Your “emergency kit” was also a big plus when my shoes began to hurt!  Thanks for that!

-What was the response/reaction of your parents and your friends when seeing the images?
Since many of them weren’t familiar with your work before, they were surprised at how beautiful and professional the images were.  And many were also surprised that many of the portrait shots looked like they “belonged in wedding magazines,” as they put it!

– What did you most enjoyed about working with me?
We really enjoyed how much fun taking the portraits actually was!  We also liked that you often gave clear instructions when taking poses, so we didn’t have to try to figure out what to do.  Many of our guests also commented on how pleasant you were and that they enjoyed talking with you during the wedding.

Church: Pyhän Henrikin Katedraali – Catholic Church, Helsinki | Reception: G. W. Sundmans

Hair Stylist: Jaana Paavilainen | Wedding dress: Phase Eight | Shoes: Pura Lopez  | Shoe accessory:  Mignonne Handmade | Hair accessory: Twigs & Honey | Bride’s ring: Annette Tillander | Bridesmaids dress: Topshop | Flowers: La Reine, Kukka Jussila | Dried flowers for toss: Homestead Treasures | Ceremony Choir:  Verbi Dei sono Schola Cantorum | Catering: G. W. Sundmans | Design and concept: the bride | Stationary artwork: Zazzle


I really love those shots in the tree archway, really beautiful.

Such a simple and elegant wedding and beautifully shot.

Very fresh and nice looking. sweet couple

Maria, i love your images, so fresh, crisp and beautiful! Stunning work.

Get out of here with this awesomeness! Fantastic work! I love the bridal portraits!

Love the opening portraits. Beautiful work Maria!

Such wonderful photos in this set. I love all the shots with the little girl!

Wow, so many great photos here. My favorites are the black and whites. I fell in love with the mirror shot of the bride with her grandmother. So simple yet elegant.

Great job. Love the dinner shots.

Beautiful images! Wonderful coverage throughout the entire day.

Wow, absolutely stunning set of pics. I love them all. Your bws are gold.

Gorgeous! So simply elegant. Love your black& whites!

What an elegant wedding – beautifully documented Maria.

A beautiful collection of images Maria – the opening portraits are wonderful too.

These photographs are stunning! I love how you captured their day – so, so beautiful!


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