Jutta + Juhani

Rauma Kihlakuvat. Kihlakuvaus Rauma. Rauma Engagement Session.

A few months ago in winter I drove to Rauma to meet Jutta and Juhani. They will be getting married at the end of June, but for now, their engagement session.

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Rauma Kihlakuvat

Beautiful couple, love the reflections, always a pleasure seeing your work Maria.

Really nice to see an e session all indoors. Love the portrait with the paintings

really sweet set. i completely love the portrait of her between the two paintings!

I agree with Tim, it’s nice to see something indoors for a change! I especially liked the portrait of her between the paintings.

These are so classy and romantic. Love!

Lovely indoor shoot! Would scare some photographers to death! And great framing – all round winner :)

What a gorgeous couple. I love the set of shots next to the Life is Beautiful wall.

Gorgeous! I love the contrast of the elegant ones with the more comfortable, homey ones. And they look really happy and in love!

classy classy classy. great set!

I have seen very FEW indoor sessions as awesome as this. You killed it.

Åh vad jag gillar de två nedersta liggande bilderna. Blingblinget runtom är så läckert!!!


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