Intimate and Chill Backyard Wedding in Helsinki


Ravintola Backas Häät Takapihalla | Ulkona Vihkiminen | Häävalokuvaaja Helsinki | Paras Hääkuvaaja Helsinki | Backyard Wedding


It is always such a joy for me to document a wedding with an intimate and personal touch. Eva and Aleksi’s backyard wedding was personal, emotional, genuine. 

There are many awesome elements in their wedding: Eva’s unique green dress, the backyard location for the ceremony, the couple’s hand-written vow books, the moment the rings were passed around from guest to guest before reaching Eva and Aleksi, the casual walk from the ceremony to the party location, the apple trees and sunset light, the casual atmosphere of their wedding. However, I think the beauty of this wedding was reflected in the people it brought together, and everyone’s general feeling of happiness and love.

One of the most special moment of the wedding, during the ceremony, as the groom had 2 daughters from a previous marriage, the bride, after answering “I do” to the Magistrate person’s question, and exchanging personal vows with her husband, she turned towards the girls and made vows to them. I was crying like crazy, such a touching moment.

Eva and Aleksi are two wonderful humans, and I feel fortunate to have been the one documenting their special day.

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Ravintola Backas | Häät Takapihalla | Ulkona Vihkiminen | Häävalokuvaaja Helsinki | Paras Hääkuvaaja Helsinki | Backyard Wedding

Location: Eva & Aleks’s Backyard + Ravintola Backas Häät | Hair + Makeup: Hanna Vähäpassi, Folk Helsinki | Wedding dress: skirt: Jurgita Bridal (Kaunas, Lithuania) & top: Ateljee Sari Lindell (Helsinki) | Jewelry: Everli Jewelry (Brooklyn) | Flowers: Flowr Floral | Catering: Ravintola Backas


I reached out to Eva to get her take on the day. Here are her answers:

Tell me about your wedding day experiences. What are your best memories from that day?
It’s hard to pick specific moments, but the general feeling of happiness and love are what stand out to me. How relaxed and happy I felt after the ceremony, how beautiful everything (and everyone) was, spending one on one time with Aleksi, having my family see my life here.

Tell me about the planning process, and the initial vision for the wedding.
We wanted a laid back, intimate, personal, and natural wedding. It all went according to plan. I wanted everything to feel very handmade, with a real human touch, so I tried to do as much as possible by myself. Finding a good photographer was really important to me! :)

If there are vendors you are especially pleased with it would be nice to get your feedback on that;
Ateljee Ompelimo sari Lindell made the top/corset for my wedding outfit very last minute and I couldn’t be more pleased with how everything went with her.


Hääkuvaaja Helsinki

What were you looking for when searching for a wedding photographer? Why did you choose me?
I was looking for a photographer whose work was joyful and warm, capturing beautiful light and colors. We searched through many photographers in the Helsinki area and many showed images that were serious and dark, and that was not at all the vision we had for our day. You were the only one I liked so I’m so glad it worked out!

Were your expectations regarding the photographic experience met?
Yes, absolutely! It’s hard to pick one thing that we enjoyed most about working with you. One thing I’m amazed with is how I never noticed you taking photos during the ceremony, but you captured it so beautifully. I loved how organised you were about the family photos because we have such difficult family situations on both sides. Furthermore, we liked how honest you were – especially giving advice during our pre-wedding consultation. We really appreciated that.

Are you satisfied with the quality of the photographs in terms of artistic expression?
Absolutely satisfied! Can’t think of anything that should be changed.

What was the response/reaction of your parents and your friends when seeing the images?
Everyone can’t believe how beautiful they are! Aleksi’s mom shed many tears going through them, and my mom I think has never liked a picture of herself and she loves the way you captured her. She was amazed with all of the photos.

Anything else you would like to mention?
Thanks so much for going above and beyond!

I often photograph international weddings, like this Finnish-American celebration. If you’re an international couple planning your wedding in Finland, I encourage you to get in touch. I’d love to hear about your plans.


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