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Ravintola Savoy Häät. Finnish British Wedding.

This summer I had the honor of photographing a Finnish British wedding at one of my favorite restaurants in Helsinki, Ravintola Savoy. The restaurant interior was designed by Aino and Alvar Aalto in a pure minimalism style. One of the custom designs of the Savoy Restaurant is the world famous Savoy Vase.
Carita and Tim’s wedding ceremony took place on the rooftop balcony of Ravintola Savoy, overlooking the Esplanadi Park.

I’ve learned that British weddings come with cool speeches.

Tim’s best man gave a most entertaining overview of how it all started:
I remember the night that Carita and Tim first met, it was a typical Friday night out, well not typical because Tim had retained the gift of speech and also gained the courage to talk to not one but a small flock of ladies. After a few minutes chatting to them he cam trotting back across the bar grinning like a lottery winner and said “I’ve met a girl”.. Well Tim that’s a good start, but best you get back over there, try and impress her and DO NOT scare her away..

Well you can imagine my surprise when moments later he returned to introduce Carita, it was easy to see why Tim was so excited.. She was beautiful, elegant, stylish and in all honesty way out of hi league.

Tim can be persistent and fortunately for him Carita has the ability to see past those superficial details like fashion sense and see his real qualities, curiosity, kindness, his gentlemanly manners and intelligence all of which he as kept so well hidden from the rest of us.”

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The wedding was followed by a next-day brunch at Restaurant Saaristo on Klippan Island.KlippanRavintola SaaristoRavintola Saaristo weddingRavintola SaaristoRavintola SaaristoKlippan

The bride’s brother described quite well what it is like to marry a Finn.
Carita, you have managed to find a man who loves you enough to move up north to a country with less than optimal climate and you have persuaded him to spend the summers on an island without an indoor toilet. I’d say this proves that he is a fantastic catch and that he must love you very much.

Ceremony and Reception: Ravintola Savoy
Stationary: Ravintola Savoy
Next-Day Brunch: Ravintola Saaristo, Klippan

  • Johanna said:

    So beautiful, Maria. You're photography is blooming. <3

  • These are so beautiful and looks like a sweet, amazing day. Her dress is so stunning!

  • Heather J said:

    Carita rocked that short dress! It looks like the bride and groom did an awesome job creating an intimate environment for their guests, and you've captured it so well.

  • nick said:

    I love the composition of all the bride and groom portraits!

  • You've got a very soft, sweet and thoughtful touch to your work. It's very beautiful. And peaceful.

  • Elissa said:

    Wow, your use of light is amazing. And those art deco(?) gates at the beginning are wonderful... I love how you used them :)

  • Awesome job! You captured so many wonderful moments and I'm kind of in-love with her super cute dress!

  • Jonna Varhama said:

    So true <3 (The bride's brother's words)

  • Daniel Ha said:

    Love the simple geometry in these wedding photos. Very inspiring!

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