Archipelago Wedding at a Boating Club

KIRSI + RIKU | August 2014

Saaristoravintola Paven Häät


I photographed this wedding back in 2014 (!). While I like to hold on to my old work to be able to see how I grow over the years, I encourage your to check out my more recent work, here. 


For us the most important thing when planning our wedding was to find the right venue. We wanted a place that was by the sea and which would have a history of its own. Not too formal but with class. We had few pumps in the road but luckily the place we finally chose turned out to be just perfect as did the weather in our wedding day. The warm august night and the atmosphere of the place felt just right. Of course there were little things that did not go as planned, but really who cares:)

Kirsi Riku 001Kirsi Riku 002Kirsi Riku 003Kirsi Riku 004Kirsi Riku 005Kirsi Riku 006Saaristoravintola Paven HäätKirsi Riku 008Kirsi Riku 009Kirsi Riku 010Kirsi Riku 011Kirsi Riku 012Kirsi Riku 013Kirsi Riku 014Häät PavenillaKirsi Riku 016Kirsi Riku 017Kirsi Riku 018Kirsi Riku 019Saaristoravintola Paven HäätKirsi Riku 021Saaristoravintola Paven HäätKirsi Riku 023Kirsi Riku 024Kirsi Riku 025Kirsi Riku 026Kirsi Riku 027Helsinki HäävalokuvaajaHelsinki HäävalokuvaajaFinland wedding by the seaKirsi Riku 031Kirsi Riku 032Kirsi Riku 033Kirsi Riku 034Kirsi Riku 035Kirsi Riku 036Kirsi Riku 037Kirsi Riku 038Kirsi Riku 039Kirsi Riku 040Kirsi Riku 041Finland wedding by the seaKirsi Riku 043Kirsi Riku 044Kirsi Riku 045Kirsi Riku 046Häät PavenillaKirsi Riku 048Kirsi Riku 049Kirsi Riku 050Kirsi Riku 051BKirsi Riku 052Kirsi Riku 053Kirsi Riku 054Kirsi Riku 055Kirsi Riku 056Kirsi Riku 057Kirsi Riku 058Kirsi Riku 059Kirsi Riku 060Kirsi Riku 061Kirsi Riku 062Saaristoravintola Paven HäätKirsi Riku 064Kirsi Riku 065Kirsi Riku 066Kirsi Riku 067Kirsi Riku 068Kirsi Riku 069Helsinki HäävalokuvaajaPaven weddingPaven ravintolaKirsi Riku 073Helsinki wedding photographerHelsinki Häävalokuvaajasea weddingsea weddingsea weddingsea weddingFinland wedding photographerFinland wedding photographerHelsinki wedding photographerHääkuvaaja HelsinkiHelsinki wedding photographerHääkuvaaja HelsinkiHelsinki wedding photographerKirsi Riku 087Kirsi Riku 088Kirsi Riku 089dokumentaarinen kuvausKirsi Riku 091Häät PavenillaKirsi Riku 093Kirsi Riku 094Kirsi Riku 095Kirsi Riku 096Kirsi Riku 097Kirsi Riku 098Häät Pavenilladokumentaarinen hääkuvausKirsi Riku 101Kirsi Riku 102dokumentaarinen hääkuvausKirsi Riku 104Kirsi Riku 105Kirsi Riku 106Kirsi Riku 107Kirsi Riku 108Kirsi Riku 109Kirsi Riku 110Kirsi Riku 111Kirsi Riku 112Finland Wedding Photographerdokumentaarinen hääkuvausKirsi Riku 115Kirsi Riku 116

Saaristoravintola Paven Häät. Finland Wedding Photographer.


You have very delicate and subtle beauty in all of your photos and you really understand light. You  have the ability to tell the story without underlining obvious things and instead find a different perspective and way to capture the moment. This is why we chose you, and we could not be more happy with the outcome.

For me when we first met, it was a bit of a surprise how determined you were, as looking at your photos I expected someone fragile. Our friends actually called you “Pikku Myy” from the Muumit. But please take this as a biggest compliment, because we really appreciated your ideas and your help especially when the bride and the bridesmaids weren’t there to look over the things:)

The amount of photos was just wow! At first we wondered if it was even too much, but as one of my bridesmaids said even the portraits are telling the story, so each one of them is special.

We would like to thank you that you were there to capture our day. You have amazing talent and vision to see the beauty and the moments and apparently so does Rufus.
We wish all the best for you two and your growing family:) 

Kirsi and Riku

Saaristoravintola Paven Häät

Make-up: Aino-Sofia Kojonen
Hair Stylist: Meeri/Folk Helsinki
Wedding dress: Rembo Styling
Groom´s suit: Z Zegna
Bride´s rings: Au3 kultasepät and Sandberg
Flowers: Lumikello
Band: Kaapelilive band


Beautiful work. Such a lovely wedding.

Foarte fain!! :)

Beautiful work Maria, those couple shots by the water are gorgeous!

Maria, just looking at these pictures, I understand, I see and I am part of the story! It’s just beautiful! One of your best works so far! Congrats!

really beautiful. well done.

wow, maria! what a beautiful set! the location, the couple, the emotions… all of it is just beautiful! really REALLY love this image:

Love that second b&w shot! and the one of the girl looking at them on the dock. timeless and well seen!

Love it !! love the tones too

Ahhh man!! What a wedding! Beautifully captured Maria, you really did it proud.

Always such a pleasure visiting your blog Maria, awesome.


Great wedding, love it!

Absolutely stunning work- I love all the ceremony angles!!


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