Finnish-Swedish Wedding on Suomenlinna Island

KATJA + TOMMIE | July 2014

Tenalji von Fersen Häät. Saksalainen Kirkko Häät.


I photographed this wedding back in 2014 (!). While I like to hold on to my old work to be able to see how I grow over the years, I encourage your to check out my more recent work, here. 


The most important parts of the wedding planning for us were to find the perfect location (we thought we succeeded, we loved Tenalji von Fersen!), and finding the perfect people to plan and execute our vision. We would recommend Kennedy Catering any day, their food was amazing, and Dave Kennedy was pretty much our personal wedding planner since he was involved in almost all the details regarding the venue.

Helsinki Wedding Photographer

One very important part for us was that we would get a lot of quality and artistic photos of the whole day. We decided early that we wanted to take a significant part of the budget for the photos. Tommi and I looked you up on the internet and fell in love with your photos and art. We wanted a photographer who would listen to our vision of the day and give us advice on how to get the best results. Already in your first email to us you made an impression on us with your professionalism. The results were obviously over our expectations, we love our photos and are very happy with your work. We loved your personal touch on things, especially that you took your time to memorize the names and relations of our family. We wouldn’t want to change a thing. Your attention to detail and your understanding of our vision made it perfect.

We though our wedding day was the best day in the world, and it is difficult to name what was the best part. We loved that so many of our friends and family gave speeches, it was very touching and memorable. I still get tears in my eyes when I think of my sisters speech. That the dinner later turned into an amazing party was exactly what we wanted!

Katja Tommie 002Katja Tommie 003Bsaksalainen kirkko vihkiminenSaksalainen kirkkoSaksalainen kirkkosaksalainen kirkko Häätsaksalainen kirkko HäätSaksalainen kirkkosaksalainen kirkko HäätHäät Saksalaisessa kirkossasaksalainen kirkko vihkiminenKatja Tommie 015Häät Saksalaisessa kirkossaHäät Saksalaisessa kirkossaSaksalainen kirkkoHäät Saksalaisessa kirkossaHäät Saksalaisessa kirkossasaksalainen kirkko vihkiminenKatja Tommie 022Häävalokuvaaja HelsinkiHääkuvaaja HelsinkiHääkuvaaja HelsinkiHääkuvaus HelsinkiValokuvaaja HelsinkiHääkuvaus HelsinkiHääkuvaus HelsinkiHääkuvaaja HelsinkiKatja Tommie 031Häävalokuvaaja HelsinkiHääkuvaaja HelsinkiHääkuvaus HelsinkiKatja Tommie 035Katja Tommie 036Katja Tommie 037Katja Tommie 038Katja Tommie 039Katja Tommie 042Katja Tommie 043Katja Tommie 044Helsinki wedding photographerHelsinki wedding photographerHelsinki wedding photographerHelsinki wedding photographerKatja Tommie 049Katja Tommie 050Katja Tommie 051Katja Tommie 052Katja Tommie 053Katja Tommie 054tenalji von fersen Häättenalji von fersen HäätKatja Tommie 057Katja Tommie 058tenalji von fersen Häättenalji von fersen Häättenalji von fersen HäätKatja Tommie 062suomenlinna tenalji von fersen häätsuomenlinna tenalji von fersen häätKatja Tommie 067Katja Tommie 068Katja Tommie 069Katja Tommie 070suomenlinna häätsuomenlinna häätsuomenlinna häätsuomenlinna häätsuomenlinnasuomenlinna häätsuomenlinnasuomenlinna tenalji von fersen häätKatja Tommie 079suomenlinna tenalji von fersen häätKatja Tommie 081Katja Tommie 082Katja Tommie 083Katja Tommie 084Katja Tommie 085Katja Tommie 086suomenlinnaKatja Tommie 088suomenlinna

Tenalji von Fersen Häät. Suomenlinna Häät. Finnish Swedish Wedding on Suomenlinna

We were very pleased with our first meeting with you. You had already thought of ideas in before hand, which made the planning a lot easier and quicker. And you also understood our vision from the start, and came up with great suggestions on how to make our vision true. Finally, you were very helpful in planning the time table for our wedding day, which we ourselves thought was difficult! 

Were your expectations met?  In what areas did I meet your expectations? What did you most enjoyed about working with me?
See above. We were very pleased with the fact that you were not afraid to say what you think. We think this is an important part of any cooperation, and since you are the expert and this is your work it was essential to know your side on things. So thank you for that :)

– What can you comment regarding your experience regarding the initial meeting, the booking process, correspondence, conduct, attitude, attire, professionalism? What can be improved?
I would not change a thing. I thought everything worked very well.

– Are you satisfied with the quality of the photographs in terms of artistic expression?  What was the response/reaction of your parents and your friends when seeing the images?
Yes. :) We love the quality, and your artistic vision in the photos. We wanted some portraits, but even more a story of the evening through photos. That was exactly what we received. Our family and friends loved the photos. Our parents have looked through the slideshow and all the 1200 photos several times! Everyone thought that the slideshow was the perfect way to share some of the photos with the guests!

Thank you Erika Lindström for assisting me at Katja and Tommie’s Suomenlinna wedding!

Saksalainen Kirkko Häät.
Suomenlinna Häät. Tenalji von Fersen Häät

Make up: Tiina-Maria Pukema
Hair stylist: Anne Niemeläinen at Sydämen Pohjasta
Wedding dress: Jenny Packham
Bride’s shoes: Unisa
Jewelry: Stig Granlund – Atelier Ajour
Groom’s suit – tailor made by Munro
Flowers: Töölöntorin Kukka
Catering: Kennedy Catering
Cake: Patisserie Teemu&Markus
Band – L.I.P.P.
Stationary: Graphic Design by Iikko Kuusela and Ida Ristner/ Suomen Seritalo Oy


Wow – it’s all so wonderful! Charming bride, lovely church, amazing reception venue. A gorgeous boat and a ferris wheel in the same frame?! So much to love here.

Goodness, what a treat! This wedding is bananas, and you photographed it so wonderfully!

So gorgeous and so many amazing locations and venues! The portraits are beautiful and the boat is so cool!

Beautifully captured Maria! I really like the portraits. Warm and intimate.

Amazing confetti photos!

These are so stunning. The exit shots with the petals are my favorites but everything is so beautiful. Amazing work.

Excellent coverage Maria

Stunning Maria, but it alway is. You never disappoint my dear.

Lovely portraits and confetti shot is amazing!

What an incredible location! Your images are just so clean and perfectly captured – I love it!

Oh wow, I love that reception location. Gorgeous wedding!

Love the dress. Reception location is great. Beautiful captures


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