William (Ruru)

vauvakuvaus Helsinki

Vauvakuvaus Helsinki

Craig and Moa had a brilliant nickname for their baby as they were waiting for him to be born: Ruru.
If you don’t know what a ruru is, go ahead and Google that.

The story began when Malin, who everyone calls Moa, traveled from Finland to New Zealand where she met a handsome Kiwi named Craig. (Kiwi is the nickname used internationally for people from New Zealand, a nickname that comes from the kiwi bird). While there, Moa also learned of another New Zealand bird actually called the moa.

So this year, the new addition to their family is Ruru. Baby nicknamed after a New Zealand owl.

Hence, the super cool owls that Moa has been knitting for her son.

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Introducing – William Brian Gunnar //
6 days old.

He is perfect in every single way. I had the honor of meeting him already on the day he was born and he could not have been more gorgeous.
He smiles in his sleep and makes the coolest faces. He has the softest cheeks I have ever encountered. He is simply adorable. And he the boy I am now proud to call my godson.

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Vauvakuvaus Helsinki. Raskausajan kuvaus Helsinki. Maternity Session Helsinki. Newborn Session Helsinki.


Complete and total sweetness! I love that you posted the maternity session and the newborn session together. And the connections you captured are awesome. These two are about to experience a major life change and they look totally ready for it!

So lovely, I do love your photos guys. Congratulations and thank you for sharing so special moments with us!

Congrats and beautiful frames!

Great shots.

Absolutely incredible work. WOW.

Oh these are so adorable!! I absolutely love the final shots with their little angel was born :)

very nice session! awesome.

Oh man. What an incredible newborn session! Little William is so sweet and his parents seem super cool. Congrats to them!

Lovely set of photographs. I’m sure the family will treasure these for many years to come.

awwww so precious. Very sweet session.

Such a gorgeous session! So beautiful.

Awww what a lovely couple and such a gorgeous session. Great use of light and so delicate.

Love the sunshine on the tummy shot!


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