What to Expect

More than a photoshoot.

Your wedding is to be lived and experienced.

My VISION is to create art so HEARTFELT and EXPRESSIVE

that it binds you,

soul and spirit, to the very essence of your love. That in decades to come you don't just look back and think, "God, we were beautiful", but, "Look, how deeply we have loved".

Art that reminds you just what your heart is capable of holding for one another.

"We are almost at a loss for words. You have captured our day, and the feelings of love and happiness we all shared together.

Your photos are artistic, and honest, and quite simply, beautiful."

Nina + Brian | Inkoo, 2015

Maria Hedengren

What to Expect

Choosing your wedding photographer is amongst the biggest decisions you’ll make for your day. Beyond aesthetic and colours, your photographer is the lens through which you will relive these moments for years to come. Finding a photographer who you connect with and who understands your values is paramount to making this decision.


My clients choose to work with me because:

vineyard wedding France

I am well-versed in

culture & travel.

Based out of Helsinki, Finland, I am well positioned to document throughout Europe, Africa, and East Asia.

My experiences living across Europe and in the United States help me understand the varying cultural values my couples hold, giving me a unique vantage point from which I can blend adventure and tradition into my images.


I'm not shy.

I am intentional about creating a beautiful experience for you, and I'll help you feel comfortable and natural in front of the camera. I'm not shy in my ability to lead when appropriate. I understand the importance of knowing your desires and your concerns, and I'm not shy to ask. I don't hesitate to step in and support you throughout the day, allowing you to be immersed in the moments that truly matter.


I am experienced, organized, strategic, and detail-oriented.


Beyond capturing your story, I take great joy in helping you make arrangements that will allow you to be fully present on your day. I work closely with each couple to ensure that your unique values are reflected in your schedule and on display for me to photograph.


The word passion gets tossed around so frequently it seems to have lost it’s effect, but for me it is truth. I am passionate about my work. I connect with my clients on a deeply personal level and every event is unique and special to me in its own way. The path that led you to each other, the people gathering from near and far to witness your love, the many details saying “this is who we are.” – all of it fascinates and inspires me.

The Experience

I intend to make sure the entire photography experience is about you, and your vision for your wedding. We’ll keep in touch as you are moving forward with the planning, and work together to ensure the flow of the day is as smooth as possible, making the most of my artistic skills.

Before the Wedding

I’ll take a look at your venue and surroundings, and be prepared with several locations where we can take portraits. I’ll also get in touch with your planner, wedding stylist, and toastmaster about all the details of the day.

Every part of the day will be well taken care of.

The Wedding Day

Now is the time to relax and enjoy your beautiful day. I am there to document your unique story, to help and to support you in any way needed to make sure you are enjoying the party.

"You are so professional, but also so genuine and approachable. We could tell instantly that you take your work very seriously and that you are incredibly talented.

In particular, we appreciated how structured you were and how much help you provided with your gentle guidance throughout the day. In fact, you were already a huge help to use during the planning call when your questions helped us focus on what was still missing and what details we still needed to consider, and then on the day, you were such a comfort to us with your confident, grounded and pleasant manner. We really felt that we were being guided by the best possible hands (and eyes!).

Your no-nonsense attitude and your clear passion for your work are really inspiring,

so thank you for sharing our day with us!”

Krista + Leo | Helsinki, 2020

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My images go beyond capturing beautiful moments. For me,

art is a reflex.

Composition as intuitive as breathing.

I studied photographic art under Francisc Mraz Ferko and I have a Master's degree in Architecture. Combining these two passions with the emotion and story unfolding in front of my camera produces timeless memories which, like your love, transcend time and space.

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