Salla + Timo //

Wanha Bäckby Häät. Vantaa Häävalokuvaaja. Pyhän Laurin Kirkko Häät.

A preview of Salla and Timo’s wedding at Pyhan Laurin Kirkko and Wanha Bäckby. One of the most lovely locations to photograph at this summer.

Helsinki HäävalokuvaajaHelsinki HäävalokuvaajaHelsinki HäävalokuvaajaPyhan Laurin Kirkko häätPyhan Laurin KirkkoPyhan Laurin KirkkoPyhan Laurin Kirkko häätL.O.V.EWanha Backby häätWanha Bäckby HäätWanha Backby häätWanha Backby häätWanha Backby häätWanha Backby häätWanha Backby häätWanha Backby häätWanha Backby häätWanha Backby häätWanha Bäckby

We were very satisfied with your work and I would like to thank you once more. We would warmly recommend you for everyone who needs a skillful and artistic photographer. You are able to capture wonderful moments with a unique style of yours. Your photography truly stands out from other photographers.

I think it was very nice that you wanted to meet us and get to know us beforehand, the questionnaire was a good idea too. All in all good groundwork! Likewise it was very nice that you took time and effort for home visits to show and deliver the photos. We have met nothing but excellent response from everyone who has seen our wedding photos. We all just love the prints too. I strongly think that your photographs speak for themselves (far better than I ever could).

We wish you a great year filled with love, happiness and sweet surprises!

Salla and Timo.


Breathtaking work- I adore the colors!!

Such a cute, elegant wedding. Salla looks so gorgeous and Timo looks so dashing. Love the reflection shot so much.

So beautiful! I looooove the shot of them dancing. So lovely!

absolutely beautiful. love all of these.

Well done, you captured some beautiful emotional moments!

This is only the preview, WOWWWW!!!

what a great set. nice job boss. ;)

Oh my, what a gorgeous couple! Lovely first dance shot!

Just a preview?! These are awesome and I love them all. Can’t wait to see the full post! :)

+1 on the colors and WOW that bride is gorgeous!!!

Wow…fab attention to detail and composition. Those first 4 images are perfection!


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