Mnemba Island

Zanzibar Honeymoon Photography.

When I was as kid I kept wondering why it is they call the Black Sea such, after all, the water was not black at all, it was blue.
After seeing the Indian Ocean I have no doubts any more: the Black Sea is blacker than black.

And all the colors in “Life of Pi” movie are real. Surreal.

We spent the last days of our adventures in Tanzania in Matemwe, a beautiful white sand beach overlooking the Mnemba Island. We chose this spot for a more quiet stay and for the snorkeling around the Mnemba Atoll where they promise the best snorkeling spot in Zanzibar. And it did not disappoint. It was more than I expected. Much, much more.

One day I hope to return and photograph a wedding on Mnemba island.
Or a honeymoon session on the shores of Zanzibar..

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Zanzibar Honeymoon Photography

absolut superbe! felicitari!

The colors in these are phenomenal! I am really in love with those first few sunset frames.

These are stunning! Now I have a new place on my travel list.

such a beautiful place. i love the last shot.

maria, fotografiile tale sunt deosebit de frumoase! si eu te felicit!

dang. I need more tropical beach time in my life.


Hell yeah, although my office view now seems very boring!! Great set of images.



I want to go there, amazing photos Maria…I am jealous ;)

Ok no I wanna go on holiday.. these are beautiful!

Daaa… Ce dor de calatorie mi-a facut!! Deci pun si Zanzibarul pe lista:)…

Wow these are something special. Beautiful work.

You’ve reminded me what summer looks like! Amazing.

Wow beautiful, there’s my next holiday sorted : )

Oh wow!! Oh wow! That’s all I kept thinking as I looked through these, the colours, the scenery, all of it just breathtakingly serene and tranquil Beautiful photography

All these are so beautiful and sings the joy of photography!

WOW! Get me there now! Looks amazing. Great shots!

Beautiful pictures, I want to go there! :)

minunate….simplitate care te incanta!

cel mai frumos loc din tot oceanul Indian.


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