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What are your prices?

Where are you located? Where do you travel for weddings?

We really don’t know what we’re doing, will you help us?

Full Day Wedding coverage in Finland, Stockholm, and Paris starts at 3450. Couples often invest around 4000€. Short coverage starts at 1320.

Full Day Wedding coverage for Destination Weddings in Europe starts at 5500.

Coverage includes: a planning session;
 documentary wedding day coverage (getting ready, details, ceremony, party atmosphere, etc); 2-3 portrait sessions at your venues and surroundings;
 image editing;
 an online gallery of all images.

I encourage you to fill in the wedding inquiry form and I will send you a brochure with all the info.

I live in Helsinki, Finland - the inspiring “City of Design”.

However, 80% of the weddings I photograph involve travel.

Whether that takes me to the Finnish archipelago, Lapland, Southern Europe or beyond, I am ready for adventure. I have a valid passport and all immunizations to date. I’ve photographed weddings and honeymoon sessions as far as Thailand and Japan, Tanzania, North California and Brazil.

Travel is a great source of inspiration for me. To date, I have visited 37 countries, lived in 5 cities, and given pieces of my heart to more corners of the world than I keep count of.

So take me anywhere. Unlike someone who’s lived in the location of your destination wedding for years, I’ll come with an open heart and a fresh pair of eyes.

Beyond capturing moments and creating art, I collaborate with each of my clients to ensure that our work together is so much more than a service delivered, but an experience to be enjoyed.

Having photographed over 300 weddings in countries all around the world, I can safely say you’re in great hands. I can not wait to help you prepare this great party for your family and friends! I’m happy to offer vendor recommendations, assist you in brainstorming locations, give honest opinions, and always ready to answer your questions. I’ve also put together a resource library with a fair amount of useful insights and wedding planning tips. HERE is where you find it.

I am here to help along the way, so feel free to reach out if there’s anything I can assist you with.

e s s e n t i a l

Are you photographing alone or do you have a second shooter?

I am always the main photographer. For more challenging days or weddings with over 120 guests it is likely that I will bring an assistant or a second shooter. If you specifically want 2 photographers, I am happy to accommodate that.

We’ve never been professionally photographed before, we’re so awkward in front of the camera.

My wedding will not be as fancy as the weddings in your portfolio. Would you still shoot it?

You’re in the right place.

Besides making ice-cream disappear, my super power is making my couples be themselves in front of my camera, and capturing captivating images of just how beautifully inspiring they are.

I see inspirational beauty in the people I meet and in the stories I have the privilege to document, and I have no doubt your story will be captivating. My images will be heartfelt, expressive, artful.

How will you be dressed?

I am always mindful of the dress code and respectful of the event and your guests.

Will you photograph family formals?

How many images will we get?

Will we receive high-resolution files? Can we print our images?

All images are carefully selected for content and composition to tell your wedding day story with timeless elegance and artistic grace. The gallery will not include images with unpleasant expressions, blinking, unintended blur.

You can expect to receive around 75 images for each hour of coverage. The minimum average has been 600 - 800 images for a minimalist wedding day. Epic celebrations average around 1200 images.

In other words, you might need more than a couple of hours and a bottle of wine to sit through viewing all your images. In 300+ weddings I’ve covered so far, no one has ever complained that they didn’t receive enough.

Yes. You will have access to download images as high-resolution 300 dpi .jpeg files, suited for printing; and you receive personal printing rights to your images.

All images will be edited, corrected and adjusted for optimal color balance and skin tone, and will have my signature look. Images that are selected for the album may also receive basic retouching for mild acne or other small imperfections.

Always! Though I almost never share these images in my blog posts, I place a high value on formal family portraits. In fact, I will make sure I know the structure of your family as well as everyone’s names ahead of the wedding so that I can coordinate the family formals myself, and with addressing everyone by name.

When you work with me, you can exhale. I’ve got this. I am methodical and well-organised. It will not be your job to run around gathering people for the group photos. My clients frequently praise me for how quick and smooth my family group photos get done.

When will we get our photos?

i m a g e s

My contract says 6 to 8 weeks for weddings and 4 to 6 weeks for sessions.

However, so far, I’ve always delivered full wedding galleries in under 4 weeks. And I often have a preview ready in about 2 weeks.

Can you photoshop us to be skinnier?

Where can we print our images?

The easiest way to order prints is directly through your gallery. 

In fact, I am beyond excited about all the products my gallery offers. They have been hand-picked by me and are crafted with the highest quality. I personally know all the manufacturers I work with, the quality of their printing and the paper textures. I held in my hands every single product you will find in the gallery store. Moreover, based on where you live, I will allocate between manufacturers based in Europe and the USA so that shipping will also be smooth for you.

I will edit temporary blemishes as well distractions that might be in the background. But further than that, know this -

You ARE beautiful.

My purpose is to make you feel wonderful and comfortable in front of my camera, and capture captivating images of just how beautiful you are.

Curious to know more about what to expect? Read through my past clients’ feedback HERE.

How do we get our images?

Images include personal printing rights and are delivered through a beautiful online gallery with private access. You will be able to download high-resolution digital .jpeg files, print size 30x45cm, 300 dpi, as well as web size images which are best suited for social media.

All images will be edited, corrected and adjusted for optimal color balance and skin tone, and will have my signature look. Images that are selected for the album may also receive basic retouching for mild acne or other small imperfections.

Do you have back-up equipment?

What equipment do you use?

Do you use lighting equipment?

Yes! Always! I bring with me an extra camera and several extra lenses, batteries, and memory cards.

My current main camera is Canon R6, paired with a 28-70mm 2.0f RF lens. I also have a Canon 5D Mark VI as my backup camera, should something unexpected happen.

I use a variety of very fast lenses, my most favorite being the Canon 50mm 1.2f and Canon 35mm 1.4f.

I also have a Fujifilm x100 I sometimes take with me when I travel.

I absolutely love natural light. Sunrise most especially, but also the soft golden flare of the sunset sun. I encourage couples who work with me to consider the light when scheduling the ceremony, and plan the portrait session for the best light of the day.

After sunset, I still prefer the colours of the night. But when necessary, I do have some simple lighting equipment. I shoot as much as I can in available light, and sometimes my flash becomes available.

T e c h

What is it like having you at our wedding?

We’re not sure how many hours of coverage we need..

Do you make wedding Albums?

YES! My favorite part of every wedding project is album making. I get all bubbly-feeling just flipping through one of my couples’ albums and thinking back on their day.

There is NO BETTER WAY to store and show off your images than through an album. Especially in this digital world we live in, having your images in print has so much value. The wedding album will be your first family heirloom to pass down to your children and grandchildren. It will be your love story legacy waiting to be told for generations to come.

When you work with me, you can exhale. I’ve got this.

I place an extraordinary value on my own consistency. I am consistent in my intention to produce art; in my ability to lead when appropriate; in my desire to support you throughout your day- allowing you to be present and immersed in the moments that truly matter.

I am adventurous, and at the same time strategical and organized. And I am intentional about building beautiful experiences for the people around me.

That’s totally normal.

If you’re unsure about how long the wedding will be, start with booking the basic 8 hour coverage. You can always add extra hours later.

For most weddings,

- 8 hours will cover your day starting with 1 hour of bridal prep (which works if you have up to 3 bridesmaids) and ending after the first dance set;

- 10 hours will cover your day starting with 1.5 hours4 of getting ready (either covering both bride and groom; or if you have more than 3 bridesmaids; or including moments with the girls wearing night robes and having champagne, etc) and ending after the first dance set.

- 12 hours will fit a generous morning with the bride and groom (bridesmaids and bestmen) and usually lasts up to the 2nd dance set + night photos in between the dance sets.

Do we get to select the images that go into our Album?


When should we book you?

We’ll start with a draft that I design for you, featuring the most beautiful images in your gallery as well as a layout that best supports the story of your wedding. You will have the opportunity to review the draft through an online proofing system. You can replace images, as well as add or remove images and spreads.

Ideally, at the same time you are searching for a venue.

The sooner you book me, the more time I will have to get to know you and personalise the photography experience to your style. It will also help us work together to plan for a good wedding-day timeline that ensures best lighting throughout the day.

Do you offer videography?

No, my services are still photographs only. However, throughout the years I have collaborated with some of the most talented and professional videographers around the world and I would be happy to share recommendations.

Can we order an Album after the wedding?

How do we book you?

You can order an album up to 3 years from your event date. I design most albums in mid-October through mid-November, so they can arrive in time for Christmas. I recommend you reserve a sport in the album design cue around the time your gallery is ready.

Fill in the contact form and I will send you all the info.

To secure the date, I require a 30% retainer date reservation fee and a signed contract.

What form of payment do you accept?

Bank transfer or wire transfer.

What if the weather is bad during our session?

What if you get sick and can no longer come to our wedding?

What if we need to reschedule?

Life happens. Let’s start to finding a new date that works for everyone.

If you’re rescheduling for personal reasons but inform me at least 8 months before the booked date, or, if you’re forced to reschedule due to a force majeure situation, you can secure a new date with me without paying a new date reservation fee.

I don’t just have back-up plans. I have back-up plans to my back-up plans.

Foremost, you can count on me to pray. But you can also count on me to fully collaborate with you and your planner to make the most of unfortunate weather situations. My recommendation is to keep the wedding schedule flexible wherever possible, come prepared, and simply embrace and enjoy your day.

If you are booking me for an engagement, pre-wedding, or honeymoon session, I will likely leave room for some flexibility to accommodate unpredictable weather.

In 300+ weddings I had so far, I’ve only missed a short dinner party (on a different day than the wedding) which my associate covered for me. You can count on me to do whatever I can to be there for you.

I am thoughtful of the way I plan my personal life, as well as how I organise work and travel, being mindful of the value my health and presence at each wedding has for my clients. But in the unlikely event of severe illness, emergency, or force majeure, I will make all reasonable effort to help you find and secure a replacement photographer.

W h a t I f . .


Having attended more weddings than I can count, I’ve collected a fair amount of useful insights that help couples plan a wedding experience which reflects who you are and what matters to you most. Browse the resource library for valuable tips on planning your perfect day.

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