What to expect

Wedding photography coverage Maria HedengrenWhere are you located?

I live in the inspiring “City of Design” Helsinki, Finland.

Do you travel for weddings?

I do! Actually, 80% of the weddings I photograph involve travel.

Whether that takes me to the Finnish archipelago, Lapland, Southern Europe or further, I am ready for adventure. I have a valid passport and all immunizations to date. I’ve traveled as far as Thailand, Brazil and Tanzania.

So take me anywhere. Destination weddings are great inspiration.

What are your prices?

Send a inquiry by filling in the contact form and I will send you a brochure with all the info.

How many hours will you be at our wedding?

As long as you need me. I offer packages of 6 hours / 8 hours / 10 hours or Unlimited Coverage.
Shorter coverage is also available.

What is Unlimited coverage?

Unlimited coverage means I do not count the hours on the wedding day, I am there the entire time. You can also use unlimited for a 2 days wedding, having limited coverage on the wedding day and up to 3 hours for the Sunday brunch, or the rehearsal dinner.

We would love to have you documenting our day. But we have a tight budget. Do you offer any discounts?

Yes. Plan to have your wedding on a weekday,
and let me know why you would like me to photograph your wedding.

My wedding will not be as fancy as the weddings on your site. Would you still shoot it?

I see beauty in the couples I photograph, not the decor. I am there to document your unique story, and I have no doubt it will be captivating.

Are you photographing alone or do you have a second shooter?

I am the main photographer, but I often work with an assistant. For more challenging days it is likely that I bring a 2nd shooter with me. If you specifically want 2 photographers, I am happy to accommodate that.

How many images will we get?

I promise to deliver about 75 images per photographed hour. The average has been between 400 and 800 images for the wedding day.
Images are delivered via my Online Gallery as high-resolution digital .jpg files, print size 30x45cm, 300 dpi.

How many images will be edited?

All images will be edited,
corrected and adjusted for optimal color balance and skin tone. So all your images will have the Maria Hedengren Photography look. And if you package includes an album, the images that fit the album may also receive basic retouching for mild acne or other small imperfections.

When do we receive our images?

It takes about 6 to 10 weeks for the images to be ready.
And I might post a couple of previews right after the wedding, so that your friends who could not attend can see some good photos of your day.

Images are delivered via a password protected online gallery. You can download them as 300dpi full resolution and use them for prints and albums.

Do you make wedding albums?

I offer quality leather cover Fine Art albums. You can read about them here: https://mariahedengren.com/albums/

What equipment do you use?

I use a Canon 5D Mark IV as my main body, and a Canon 5D mark III as my backup camera, should something unexpected happen. In other words: should I fall and break my camera (hope not!), your wedding is still covered.

I have a variety for very fast lenses, my most favorite being the Canon 50mm 1.2f and Canon 35mm 1.4f. I also have a Fujifilm x100.

Do you have backup equipment and insurance?


Do you use any lighting equipment?

I absolutely love natural light. Sunrise most especially, but also the soft golden flare of the sunset sun. I encourage couples who choose to work with me to schedule the ceremony thinking about the light, and plan the portrait session for the best light of the day.

After sunset, I still prefer the colors of the night. But when necessary, I do have some simple lighting equipment. I shoot as much as I can in available light, and sometimes my flash becomes available.

We have never been professionally photographed before, we are quite camera shy. Will you be able to work with us?

Absolutely!  Most of the couples I photograph  have not been professionally photographed before their wedding.  The wedding day photo session is about celebrating and showing your love for each other. I think there is a special thrill in all the couples on their wedding day, a glow that I want to capture in my images.

If you are worried, plan to have a mini engagement session before the wedding.

Will you need any food during the wedding?

Yes please. To have energy for the entire day, you will need to make sure I have a meal and (non alcohol) cold drinks for events longer than 5 hours.

Also, please reserve a seat for me in the reception room, from where I can easily see your table. I would not want to miss any special moments.

When should we book you?

Preferably as soon as possible. Every year some dates are more popular than others. Most inquiries come in late autumn, for the summer to come. Also, when couples book me in good time, it is much easier to plan together a good time schedule that ensures best lighting.

Portrait sessions I schedule at most 1-2 months in advance, before that, the date will only be approximate.

How do we book?

Fill in the contact form and I will send you all the info.
To secure the date, I require a 40% retainer booking fee and a signed contract.

More questions?

Send me an e-mail to maria@mariahedengren.com and I’ll be happy to answer you.