Wedding Photographer.
World Traveler.
Wife. Young Mother.

Image by International Photographer Maria Hedengren www.mariahedengren.comdecor1Who I am

My name is Maria and I think marriage is a beautiful adventure.

I am a curious, adventurous soul and I can’t get enough of exploring.
I’m a foodie. I love the freshness of French cuisine, and I feel lucky to have part of my family living in France.
I like watching theater and TV series (my favorites are Friends, Mad Men, House of Cards and Heroes).
I enjoy playing board games and solving puzzles.
I cherish my family, and I look up to my parents. Their work as doctors humbles me. I love my siblings dearly, they are simply the best.
I love traveling to new places, meeting new people, experiencing new cultures and tasting new food.

I met my husband Rufus 11 years ago while downhill skiing in the Carpathian Mountains.
He is one of the most beautiful persons I’ve ever met. My better half, my support, my lover, my travel companion and my best friend.
And sometimes he is also shooting alongside me.
We’ve been married since 2007.

 Maria Hedengren
decor1 Vision

They say that the eyes are the mirror of the soul. But I would say, it is the soul that truly sees the world.
My friends have described me as a sensitive soul, seeing beauty and love in my surroundings.

While I don’t always feel that way about myself, I do see captivating beauty in every couple in love, and uniqueness in every wedding story.
My vision is to capture inspiring beauty, adventure and romance in my images.

My documenting style is elegant, poetic, sensitive and modern.


Adventure. Romance. Beauty.
This is what I see in every wedding I photograph.

I strive for excellence in all my work. The images I create are the result of a well planned day and a concept designed together with you.

My style is about integrating your personalities and crafting distinctive images that illustrate the unique story of your event. Before your wedding day, I put time into preparation and getting to know you.

My artistic aim is to capture breathtaking portraits, relaxed moments, authentic reactions, fine details, and the overall atmosphere of each wedding.

Maria Hedengren

decor1 Journey

My journey as an International Wedding Photographer started in 2008.

In my teenage years I was investing my small savings in purchasing film or developing images. Photography was just a hobby back then, I did not see it as a valid career choice. Instead, I decided to study Architecture. I was intrigued by the power built environment had over shaping our well-being and daily lives. Architecture developed my creativity and artistic sensibility, shaped my perception of space, and gave me courage to express myself.

I became fascinated with wedding photography while planning my own wedding. It was exciting, creative, expressive and challenging, and I quickly decided to take it to professional level. I studied photography at “Francisc Mraz” School of Poetic Photography in Bucharest in 2008.
I am among the first photographers in Finland to approach wedding photography in a storytelling way.

Architecture studies have been a big influence to my work. They taught me how to see space, texture, interaction of light and perspective. It also guided me in valuing quality and design.

maria hedengren

decor1Finland + Destination Weddings

I live in the inspiring, design city Helsinki, Finland. I document high-end weddings both locally and internationally.

No wedding location is too close, too far, or too uninspiring.

So far I photographed in Finland, France, Sweden, England, Germany, Romania, Greece, Kenya, Tanzania, Japan; and destination shoots in France, Italy, Portugal, Thailand, Zanzibar, and Brazil. Capturing international, multicultural weddings in unique locations is my specialty.

Maria Hedengren

7 logo image

My Swedish last name is a combination of two words:
“HEDEN”= heath (a habitat found on mainly infertile acidic soils, with open, low growing vegetation)
and “GREN” = branch.

I love the meaning of my name! It became the inspiration behind my logo.
Trees’ symbolism reflects life, new beginning, and  growth. And I am the one who aspires to grow, so the logo reminds me of this every day.

The artwork was hand drawn by my architect friend Anda.

Maria Hedengren
decor1Awards and Accolades

In 2017 I was selected among the 100 Finnish Photographers project, celebrating “First-class Finnish photographers from the fields of fine art, commercial, fashion, journalism, documentary and nature photography”.

In 2013 I was recognized among the Top 10 Wedding Photographers in Finland by Kamerakoulu.

I’ve received International Wedding Photography Awards, and my work has been published in wedding blogs such as Fly Away Bride, Belle and Chic, Best Day Ever, File de Nunta, Love Me Do, Meidän Häät blog, and paper magazines Häät, and Norwegian Wedding.


Finland Wedding Photographer


Rufus and I got married in August 2007.

My husband is TV director, producer, scriptwriter and a chef. I think together we make a cool artistic team. Sometimes we are more bohemian than I want, perhaps.

Today we are blessed with the 3 most adorable little kids: April, Ezra and Petra.
April is now 5 years old. She fills our lives with so much joy in a way we never expected. She is our first born, a new beginning for our family. She is like spring to us: fresh, pure, full of life.

9 April familyImage by International Photographer Maria Hedengren

God is above everything, He is before anything and anyone.
He has blessed me in more ways than I can count, He has shown me favor more times than I could dream of. His love for me is overwhelming.
I believe that my success has nothing to do with me, it is just a reflection of God’s will for my life.

Maria Hedengren

Images taken in Helsinki and the Finnish Archipelago by Dragos Ludusan. Images taken in Paris by Caroline Ghetes.
Images of us with April (1 year old) by Susanna Nordvall.

Maria Hedengren Maria Hedengren Maria Hedengren Maria Hedengren Maria Hedengren