A Nordic Minimalism Autumn Wedding in Helsinki


Katajanokan Kasino Häät | Vanha Kirkko vihkiminen + Häät Katajanokan Kasinolla



Meeting Nelli, her impeccable sense of style will instantly strike you. She is gorgeous, inside and out. And she also has a calm, beautiful soul. It is a blessing to have met Nelli and Niklas, and I enjoy following their adventures.


Helsinki Hääkuvaaja | Nordic City Wedding

I love photographing weddings with a Nordic Minimalism style. Nelli and Niklas did a fabulous job planning and styling their day, in fact, every bit of detail fitted their Nordic minimalism wedding style. I especially appreciated their wedding night hotel room choice because we used it for Nelli’s getting-ready images. In fact, the St George Hotel Atelier room design fitted perfectly with the style of Nelli and Niklas’ wedding.


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Vanha Kirkko Vihkiminen

The Helsinki Old Church is a neoclassical wooden church designed by Carl Ludvig Engel in the early 1820s. It resides in a small park called Vanha Kirkkopuisto, along Bulevardi road. In fact, this church is a popular Helsinki wedding ceremony location because of its white interiors and strategic location.

Nelli and Niklas planned their first look in the park just outside the Vanha Kikko. It was a beautiful autumn day, with warm and crisp autumn light and falling leaves. This was the first of three photo sessisions we planend for their day. Nelli and Niklas had their ceremony at Vanha Kikko following the first look session. Afterward, we traveled to the Eira neighborhood for more portrait photos along the Juhani Ahon Puisto park.

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Katajanokan Kasino Häät | Wedding at Katajanokka Kasino

Katajanokan Kasino is a stylish historical venue with beautifully lit, high-ceiling rooms. A. Nyberg designed this building in 1913, and it is not an actual gambling casino but an event place in the heart of Helsinki.

I am stunned by how beautiful and uncomplicated this venue is. Moreover, it has a fantastic location, situated in the city center and right by the sea.

Little Bouquet Factory did a fantastic job decorating this venue by keeping it elegant and airy. The celebrations included a delicious dinner, moving speeches, and open dancing late into the night. During dinner at sunset, we had time to sneak out for a few more images by sea, and they are some of my favorite photos of the day. In fact, they are all taken just outside the venue.

 littlebouquetfactory littlebouquetfactory kukka littlebouquetfactory kukka Katajonokka Kasino juhla sulhasen puhe häävieraat häävieraat häävieraat häävieraat sulhasen puhe häävieraat Katajanokka Kasino hääjuhla Katajanokka Kasino hääjuhla Katajanokka Kasino häät Katajanokka Kasino häät Katajanokka Kasino juhlapaikka autumn wedding Helsinki Katajanokka Kasino juhlapaikka Katajanokka Kasino juhlapaikkaKatajanokka Kasino juhla international wedding in Helsinki minimalist wedding dress Katajanokka Kasino juhlapaikka Katajanokka Kasino juhlapaikka Helsinki hääkuvaus Helsinki wedding photographer Maria Hedengren häävalokuvaus Helsinki hääkuvaus Helsinki Helsinki hääkuvaus Helsinki hääkuvaus hääkuvaus Helsinki Helsinki wedding photographer Maria Hedengren hääkuvaus Helsinki Helsinki wedding by the sea Nordic Sea wedding Scandinavian wedding photographer Finland wedding photographer Finland wedding photographer dokumentaarinen hääkuvaus Katajanokan Kasino hääjuhla Helsinki dokumentaarinen hääkuvaus Katajanokan Kasino juhla Katajanokan Kasino juhla hääkakku hääkakku Katajanokan Kasino juhla häävieraat bestmanin puhe Katajanokan Kasino hääjuhla bestmanin puhe Katajanokan Kasino juhlayön häät yön häät  yön häät Helsinki yölläHelsinki yöllä häätanssi hääbandi häätanssi häätanssi hääbandi juhlapaika juhlapaika 146 Helsinki yöllä

Katajanokan Kasino Häät | Vanha Kirkko vihkiminen + Häät Katajanokan Kasinolla

Documenting a wedding at Katajanokan Kasino was a real treat. In fact, I loved every bit of this day, and I hope I will cover weddings there again in the near future. If you’re planning a wedding here, don’t hesitate to get in touch. I would love to hear about your plans.


Location: Katajanokan Kasino

Makeup: Tiamaria Jukola, @beautybytiamaria | Hair Stylist: Noora Toiviainen, @bynoorat | Nail artist: Jenny H. @nailsbyjennyh | Wedding dress: Innocentia @lovebirdshelsinki | Shoes: Kazar | Purse: Santi @shopbop | Jewellery: Chanel | Bride’s rings: @tiffanyandco| Bridesmaids dresses: @asos @nellycom | Groom’s suit and shoes: @seremonia.fi | Flowers: @littlebouquetfactory | Catering: @katajanokankasino | Cake: Gagu @gagupastry | Stationery: Papershop @papershophelsinki | Wedding design and concept: @nellimatilda



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