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Suomen Ritarihuone Häät | Riddarhuset Bröllop | Finlandssvensk Bröllop | Finnish House of Nobility Wedding

Ritarihuone (Riddarhuset in Swedish), is the Finnish House of Nobility. The Neo-gothic style building is rich in history and has one of the most unique interiors in Finland. I’ve long been dreaming of documenting a wedding here of course, and I can’t tell you how excited I was when Emmi contacted me. The day started with the religious ceremony at the beautiful Suomnelinna Church. The couple traveled to the mainland by private boat immediately after the ceremony. Soon after the elegant dinner reception started at Ritarihuone.

Image by Maria Hedengren – mariahedengren.com suomenlinna ferry

Suomenlinnan Kirkko Häät

Suomenlinnan church was originally built as an Eastern Orthodox Church for the Russian troops stationed at Suomenlinna fortress. However, Finland gained independence in 1917.  Consequently, the church was converted into a Lutheran Church undergoing massive renovations. Architect Einar Sjöström designed the reconstruction. He removed the Eastern Orthodox details incorporating modern designs. My favorite features of this church are the simple modern interior, the minimalist chandelier, and the overall lighting. Another interesting detail is the church’s central dome which serves also as a lighthouse. In fact, the beacon signals four consecutive quick flashes, the Morse code for the letter H, as in Helsinki.

Suomenlinnan kirkko Suomenlinnan kirkko häät bride walking in church with her father Suomenlinnan kirkko häät Suomenlinnan kirkko wedding at suomenlinna church Suomenlinnan kirkko häät guests at wedding häät Suomenlinnan kirkkossa häät Suomenlinnassa vihkiminen Suomenlinnan Kirkkossa vihkiminen Suomenlinnan Kirkkossa vihkiminen Suomenlinnan Kirkkossa häät Suomenlinnan kirkkossa Suomenlinna kirkko häät Suomenlinnan kirkkossa häät Suomenlinnan kirkkossa häät Suomenlinnan kirkkossa Suomenlinna kirkko hääpotrettikuvaus hääpotrettikuvaus hääpotrettikuvaus hääpotretit hääpotretit hääpotretit avioliitto hääpotretit Helsingissä wedding details Helsinki hääkuvaaja helsinki Suomenlinna boat ride Suomenlinna boat ride häät veneessä avioliitto Suomenlinna boat ride häät veneessä häät veneessä Suomenlinna island Helsinki häät veneessä häät veneessä Image by Maria Hedengren – mariahedengren.com merelliset häät Helsinki wedding photographer Helsinki wedding photographer

Ritarihuone Häät

The last person to be ennobled in Finland received the title in 1912. Already in 1906 the political system changed to a unicameral parliament. Subsequently, nobility in Finland is only hereditary, making Finnish nobility a closed society. The Finnish House of Nobility introduced 357 families. However, today less than 150 are still alive. Which makes weddings at Ritarihuone so very rare and extra special.

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Suomen Ritarihuone Häät | Riddarhuset Bröllop | Finlandssvensk Bröllop | Finnish House of Nobility Wedding

I love the setting of this venue, the grandeur of the room, and the calming light. I therefore feel so very blessed to have documented a wedding here. If you are planning to get married at Ritarihuone, don’t hesitate to get in touch. 


PS. Emmi’s reaction to viewing her gallery was priceless:

“oh my! We LOVELOVELOVE the photos, been scrolling through them all day ♥️ thank you so much!”


Ceremony: Suomenlinna Kirkko
Dinner: Suomen Ritarihuone | Riddarhuset

Makeup: Sanni Mattila @sannismattila | Wedding dress: Seremonia | Earrings: House of Elliot | Rings: Atelier Torbjörn Tillander | Bridesmaids dresses: Asos | Flowers: Maria Rissanen, Freesiliving | Catering: BC Catering | Stationery: Sanni Vilmi


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