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Talvihäät Helsingissä | Winter Wedding Helsinki | Ulkonahäät Talvella


12 FEB 21. Such a cool date. And such a cool day to get married.

Winter wedding in Finland talvihäihin

Talvihäät Helsinki

Winters in Finland can be quite magical. In all fairness, not all days are quite as awesome as this one. But we were truly blessed with the perfect weather for Jenny and Sampa’s wedding. Because sunset comes early in the winter, we started with the wedding portraits session. Jenny and Sampa live close to Lauttasaari and so we decided to take the portraits there. Lauttasaari is not only a beautiful location, but also a place they often visit. Although it was a fairly cold day, the sun was shining. I love the crisp effect of winter light.

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Ulkonahäät Talvella

After the portrait session, the original plan was to celebrate at restaurant Savoy, however, new pandemic restrictions set in, and the couple changed the ceremony location to their parents backyard. Their first exchanged vows in an intimate ceremony with only the closest family watching from the terrace. Afterward they cheered with champagne and served coffee and cake.

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Talvihäät Helsingissä | Winter Wedding Helsinki Hääkuvaaja | Ulkonahäät Talvella

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Fabulous Abby Waits Stockholm dress by Swedish designer Louice Hedin @AbbyWaits . In fact, she designs some of the most beautiful dresses I’ve seen. But most especially, the dusty blue shades are perfect paired with winter weddings and snowy backgrounds.


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