Elegant Finish-British Wedding at Calliola, Snappertuna


Häät Calliolassa | Snappertuna Wedding at Calliola Event Center | Snappertuna Kyrka Bröllop | Visit Raseborg | Calliola Wedding


Snappertuna. Our family often spends the holidays in this region. The cozy, wooden Snappertuna Kyrka is where we often are found at Christmas or Easter times. We visit Raseborg Castle every summer and spend time in these woods. 

I met Tove and James in 2015 at Nina and Brian’s wedding. Tove was Nina’s best friend, and a bridesmaid at the wedding. Sometime in the evening, she was helping the grandparents get a taxi ride back home, and I caught her and James outdoor in beautiful sunset light. Naturally, I wanted to take a few photos of them, this crazy-in-love couple. I didn’t think I’d see them again, they were living in the UK. Well, one week later, I was photographing Amalia and Pyry’s wedding, and surprising enough, there they were again, sitting in the back of the church, Tove translating the ceremony to James. 

So I’ll admit I was over the moon excited when Tove got in touch about her wedding. Always so touching to photograph people I’ve met before. Tove and Amalia are cousins, so I also got the meet Amalia and Pyry’s family again at Tove’s wedding. Their son is the adorable little boy playing with the red fan in church. Also, Amalia’s younger sister was a bridesmaid at Tove’s wedding, rocking that sparking bridesmaid dress. 


Häät Calliolassa

Calliola Event Center is hidden on the far side of Rågö Island in the Snappertuna region. This place offers a charming setting for events, with its archipelago-style villas, seafront sauna, fresh local food, and abundance of nature. This venue is an excellent choice for international weddings. Such events bring together many guests from abroad, and Calliola provides accommodation, nature experiences, and tranquility. 

Tove and James got married here, and I couldn’t imagine a better place for their wedding. The day started with Tove and her girls getting ready in the seaside villa, while James and the guys had sauna and a swim. While photographing Tove getting ready, I learned that the “something old, something new” English rhyme ends with “and a sixpence in her shoe”. Although some Finnish brides might wear something old, new, borrowed, and blue, this is the first time I noticed a coin worn in the bride’s left shoe. 

After a touching ceremony at the beautiful old Snappertuna church (complete with the wedding bands being brought forward on a red double decker bus), Tove and James traveled to Calliola by boat. Their guests greeted them with champagne on the dock. The dinner took place in the large upper room, and the party continued in the boathouse by the sea. 

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Häät Calliolassa | Snappertuna Wedding at Calliola Event Center | Snappertuna Kyrka Bröllop | Visit Raseborg | Calliola Wedding

Location: Calliola Event Center | Snappertuna Kyrka

Hair Stylist: Piia Martiskainen | Wedding dress: Pronovias | Bride’s Shoes: Eve by Charlotte Mills | Bride’s jewelry: John Titcombe | Groom’s wedding ring: Diana Porter  | Bridesmaids dresses: Amelia Rose, Asos | Groom’s suit: Charles Thyrwitt | Groom’s shoes: Kurt Keiger | Flowers: Minna Penttala | Catering: Calliola | Cake: Sonja Crockford – Art of Cake | Band: Lempi band| Stationery: Greyhound



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