[ Porvoo ]Georgina + Javier//Elegant Finnish Swedish Wedding at Villa Haikko

Villa Haikko Wedding, Villa Haikko Häät, Porvoo Häät. A Finnish Swedish / Spanish wedding at Villa Haikko.

A rainy Finnish summer morning. A relaxing getting ready time with the girls. A beautiful ceremony at St Henry’s Cathedral. Champagne and Spanish tapas at the Haikko Manor terrace. An elegant venue with a breathtaking flower decor. A cupcake tower wedding cake. Flamenco music.

This was Georgina and Javier’s day: an elegant Finnish summer wedding with Spanish touches. A day I am blessed to have been a part of. A story I am honored to have documented.

One moment of the day that really moved me was Georgina’s father speech as he turned to the groom and said.. “I could not wish for a better husband for my daughter”. I felt I could hear my feather in those words and had to fight hard not to tear up.

This is what Georgina writes about Villa Haikko wedding:
I knew from years back that I wanted to get married in Haikko Manor and booked it even before we were officially engaged! My superstitious friend thought I was being crazy and jinxing the whole thing but it all worked out in the end. Flowers, decorations and appearance in general are super important to me so I immediately searched a lot of inspiration through Pinterest and blogs, I had folders with thousands of pictures on my computer that helped me a lot through the process. As for flowers, Gunilla from Kulosaaren Kukka did an AMAZING job and I didn’t even see the decorated venue until 5 minutes before the dinner started. But I trusted them completely and my expectations were exceeded! Still months later when looking through the pictures I am blown away with how wonderful the flowers were.

The best part of the day for us was the after-party. I had planned that we would retire to our hotel room at 12 when the main bit was over but I got a sudden jolt of energy and we decided to go the after-party. We had friends there from all over the world and only then did I get to talk to all of them. We had the best time! And I can tell you that we one of the last ones to go to bed at 4.30 in the morning.

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Villa Haikko Wedding, Villa Haikko Häät, Porvoo Häät.

I stumbled upon your website through a link and immediately fell in love with your pictures. I already had another photographer booked but I cancelled with them and decided I wanted to go with you instead. Was very happy to find out you were still available even if it was a bit last minute (in the world of wedding planning at least).

We as well as our families LOVED the pictures. And even though at the time taking all the portraits or standing on the dock in the cold wind felt tedious I am so happy we did all of that!

I can tell you are super dedicated to your work and take it very seriously. You blended in very well with the guests and I didn’t find you “in the way” or notice you taking pictures at all. That was the best part because you caught all these candid moments and we all know “unposed” pictures make the best pictures. Also a big thank you for staying and taking pictures of the dance even though your time had ran out. At the time I couldn’t really think straight but when seeing the pictures I was so happy to have all those memories. Some of the best photos are from the dance floor when the guests and Javi and me as well started to relax a little.


Ceremony: St Henry’s Cathedral, Helsinki / Pyhan Henrikin Katedraali
Reception: Villa Haikko Wedding

Makeup: Jenny Jansson
Hair Stylist: Miika Kemppainen
Wedding dress: Jesus Peíro
Shoes: Valentino
Veil: Jesus Peíro
Jewelry: Faber Art
Bridesmaids dresses: Greta, LK Bennett, Acne
Groom’s suit: Cortefiel
Groom’s shoes: Lottusse
Design: Georgina Berner
Flowers: Kulosaaren Kukka
Catering: Haikon Kartano
Cupcakes: Frida’s Cupcakes
DJ: Lasse Carlsson

Thanks Katariina for assisting me on this day. The well captured ceremony moment of Georgina’s father giving away the bride (shot from above) is hers.

  • As always Maria, beautiful moments especially with your BW choices! :)

  • Lam said:

    Love your style, simple and neat. great set.

  • nadine said:

    yep, this is a great set!

  • Justin said:

    Awesome wedding coverage, Maria! Love the shot where the veil is flying in the wind!

  • I'm so in love with her dress! The shots with all the guests with umbrellas are so great, and the whole wedding looks so sweet and fun!

  • SO beautiful! I love the getting ready photos so much, the processing and the details are stunning. I'm also a huge fan of her shoes ;) haha

  • Wow! What a stunning set when taken as a whole! Fresh, vibrant, joyous, classic! And your b&w's are simply luscious!

  • Totally beautiful and I love your black and whites - I need the recipe!

  • Rob said:

    Simply sublime from start to finish! The opening few frames are gorgeous.

  • Thomas said:

    I love the images of her preparations. Beautiful details and great story.

  • rich said:

    amazing job capturing the story of this day! the B&Ws look amazing!

  • ayesha said:

    super classy couple and stunning reception venue... maria these are such lovely images and storytelling.

  • So beautiful! You've knocked it out of the park with this one Maria! :)

  • Will Kim said:

    loved the getting ready photos and portraits. such a great wedding!

  • Kat Forsyth said:

    Beautiful wedding! I love that the rain didn't dampen the joy (or the gorgeous pics). :-)

  • Sam said:

    I absolutely love your vision of the day! The photos at the dock were so lovely.

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