Upcoming travel dates

mid June (moved to) late August >> Bucharest, Romania
August >> West Coast + Ostrobothnia, Finland
October >> France



mid June >> Tuscany, Italy
August >> Stockholm, Sweden

(to be updated)

If you are interested in booking a session with me while I am in your area, or if you would like me to travel to your place for a wedding, pre-wedding, honeymoon, or family session, get in touch and we’ll check our schedules.


decor1International Wedding Photographer

I live in the inspiring city of design, Helsinki, Finland. But the majority of the weddings I photograph involve travel.
Whether my work takes me to the Finnish archipelago, Lapland, Southern Europe or even farther, I am ready for adventure.

I have a valid passport and all immunizations to date. Most often I photograph in Scandinavia, Central or Southern France, Romania, and Italy, but I’ve traveled as far as Japan, Thailand, Tanzania and Brazil.

Destination Wedding Coverage includes travel fees for weddings within major European cities.

I am a curious, adventurous soul. Travel is a great source of inspiration for me.
I enjoy seeing new places, meeting new people, exploring local architecture, experiencing new cultures and tasting new food.

Take me anywhere. Unlike someone who’d lived in the location of your destination wedding for years, I’ll come with an open heart and a fresh pair of eyes.

destination wedding photographer

decor1Past travels

(Locations link to blog posts with shoots related to those travels)

September 2019 >> Bruxelles, Belgium
August 2019 >> Stockholm, Sweden
February 2019 >> Lapland (wedding)
January 2019 >> Lapland (wedding)
November 2018 >> Lapland (pre-wedding)
October 2018 >> Kyoto / Osaka / Tokyo, Japan
September 2018 >> Burgundy, France
September 2018 >> Zanzibar, Tanzania
July 2018 >> Finnish archipelago region
mid-end June 2018 >> Palo Alto, California
September 2017 >> Burgundy, France
August 2017 >> Cluj, Romania
August 2017 >> Baden, Austria
August 2017 >> Nice, France
August 2017 >> Malta + Gozo
July 2017 >> Nykarleby
June 2017 >> Imatra
February 2017 >> Lappeenranta
January 2017 >> Lapland
September 2016 >> Bordeaux, France
September 2016 >> Cap Ferret, France
July 2016 >> Perthshire, Scotland
July 2016 >> Paris, Burgundy and Bretagne, France
February 2016 >> Nagu
February 2016 >>  Malindi, Kenya
December 2015 >> Levi
November 2015 >> Paris, France
August 2015 >> Parainen
July 2015 >> Sibiel, Romania
May 2015 >> Houtskär
November 2014 >> Paris, France
September 2014 >> Nice, France
July 2014 >> Burgundy, France
July 2014 >> Normandie, France
June 2014 >> Lyon, France
June 2014 >> Paris, France
June 2014 >> Bruxelles + Bruges, Belgium
May 2014 >> Taormina, Sicily
May 2014 >> Istanbul, Turkey
April 2014 >> Carcassonne, France
March 2014 >> Ilha Grande, Brazil
March 2014 >> Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
January 2014 >> Koh Lanta, Thailand
December 2013 >> Koh Yao Noi, Thailand
August 2013 >> Algarve + Lisbon, Portugal
July 2013 >> London AND WybostonUK
June 2013 >> Paris, France
June 2013 >> Sucevita Monastery, Romania
February 2013 >> Tanzania
March 2013 >> Zanzibar

decor1Destination Wedding Photographer – My Bucketlist

destination wedding photographer

My dream is to photograph destination weddings in as many countries as possible, experiencing wedding traditions from around the world.

I’m also interested in international weddings, or intercultural weddings. Among the top experiences I’ve had documenting are: a Swedish + Eritrean wedding, a Moldovan + Indian wedding, and a Finnish + Afghani wedding.

But there is so much more I would love to experience. If you are planning a wedding that fits any of the following descriptions, let me know as I would love to accommodate you!


Winter Wedding in Lapland  (Jan 2017)

French Vineyard Estate Wedding (Bordeaux, August 2016)

Wedding in Tuscany | PreWedding Session in Tuscany (July 2021)

Traditional Japanese Wedding | Destination Wedding in Japan | Honeymoon Photo Session in Kyoto (October 2018)

Isle of Skye Wedding | PreWedding Session on the Isle of Skye

Countryside Wedding in Ireland

Wedding on Madeira Island | Madeira Honeymoon Session

Iceland Wedding | Iceland Elopement | PreWedding Session in Iceland

Faroe Islands Wedding | Faroe Islands Elopement | PreWedding Session in Faroe Islands

Destination Wedding in Zanzibar | Zanzibar Elopement (Sept 2018)

Destination Wedding in Myanmar | Burma Destination Wedding

Wedding or Elopement on a Black Sand Beach

Sunrise Wedding

Redwood Wedding | Sequoia National Park Wedding

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destination wedding photographer