[ Lyon ]Lidia+Jean-Mathieu //Lyon Pre-Wedding Session

Lyon Pre-Wedding Session. Lyon Engagement Session.
As nights grow longer and days get colder I dream of summer, of sun, and of Lidia and Jean-Mathieu’s coming June wedding in southern France. But until then, let me show you some images we took this summer in Lyon.

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Lyon Pre-Wedding Session
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  • Elena Cirlan said:

    Felicitari! Value each day as partners; together will cross the limits to accomplishment.

  • Cam Grove said:

    Great work Maria ; they look like a really fun couple and you've certainly illustrated that through your work!

  • Aaaah, cute and quirky and fun, just how I like them!

  • Mihai Frigea said:

    happy happy Lidia, as always :D Felicitari !

  • Tiberiu Balasa said:

    Congrats Lidia! ∞ happy for you!

  • Ioana Maftei said:

    lidiaaaaa...minunat! you made my day! :) I'm sooooo happy for you!

  • Evelyne Dehon said:

    super les tops models

  • Agree with Jouni, it is a great and solid set. So much fun in these pictures and a great location used to it's fullest.

  • great work. i feel the rawness in each frame. killing it man.

  • Kim said:

    They are adorable! Love the way you've captured them.

  • Jouni said:

    Great and solid set Maria! You really have found your thing.

  • Aaron said:

    Beautifully shot, really like the creative angles - nice processing too.

  • bryan said:

    love the portraits in front of the superheroes. SO FUN.

  • Gina Istrate said:

    superb! absolut superb!

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