Sara + Joakim

Eritrea Wedding Photographer. Swedish Eritrean Wedding. Stockholm Wedding.

One cold evening in September a group of friends went out for dinner. Two strangers were sat next to each other, a new acquaintance which was very thrilling. The strangers managed to to talk, smile, laugh out loud and sneak a peek at the other without spilling.
Arm in arm later they strolled. They walked through the starlit town while time simply slowed down just like true love can.

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Eritrea Wedding Photographer. Swedish Eritrean Wedding. Stockholm Wedding.

Morning Preparations: Hotel Rival,  by Benny Andersson.
Church: Maria Magdalena Church
Reception: Tvalpalatset

What amazing photos! The first time we looked through them we could not believe that there were so many great photos. It’s very difficult to pick out a favourite. Everyone who have seen them thinks the photos are just as amazing as we do. Sara’s mother think they look like little paintings. We sent Joakim’s parents an album with selected photos and now his mother wants to show it to everyone she sees, even at work. Sara usually doesn’t feel comfortable having her photos taken and definitely not looking at the result. You made her feel so comfortable that this is what she feels and remembers when she looks at your photos. I am really glad that you documented almost the whole day for us and now we have all these memories that tells the story of our wedding.

You made us feel very much at ease during the day, it didn’t felt like we had just met you, but like you were one of our old friends which was very relaxing. We really like the way you work, giving us help along the way and encouraging, making us laugh and helping us with our “poses” when we felt a bit lost (it’s not like were experienced photo models). We appreciated your positive and cheerful attitude and so did our entire family and guests. This is something they told us after the wedding. You really blended in and people didn’t even notice that you were working. Everyone were telling us how they really liked you and were wondering how we had found you.

You were wearing appropriate clothes and looked like one of the guests which we really appreciated. We have been to a wedding a couple of weeks before where the photographer wore ripped baggy jeans and a saggy t-shirt with big prints and he really really stood out in a bad way. It was really horrible because that’s what people remembered from the ceremony in the church rather than the actual exchange of rings.

As mentioned before the very fact that you were able to be there most of the day enabled us to get photos that covered all the highlights of the day. You really succeeded in capturing many of our guests and we really appreciate the photos of our near and dear giving speeches during the dinner. These photos really show the emotions of the people in them. We can relive the moments just by looking at them.



Beautiful colors, beautiful light … beautiful couple.
Nicely done Maria!

Everyone looks so happy. Great job capturing emotion of the day.

LOVE that first shot!

Beautiful Maria! I love the confetti shot :)

Love the matching lolly pops :) Unreal work mate!

Beautiful images of a lovely day!

Stunning work! First shot is killer!

Great work Maria! Superbly captured…

Beautiful set of images, your coverage makes you feel like you are at the wedding.

Storytelling perfection. Lovely work.

You go skills my friend. keep up the awesomnesss

What a great wedding and what a radiant smile the bride has! Great work Maria!

/ Incredible wedding Mariah!

beautiful.She looks so Eritrean.

when l Look at your picture guys u both look Lovely and nice picture All l want say is Wishinig you happenss and Love life time To Both of you God bless x.


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