Elegant Early Spring Wedding in Helsinki

MILLA + PIETARI |April 2014

Helsingin Tuomiokirkko Häät |Helsinki Hääkuva | Hääkuvaaja Helsinki


I photographed this wedding back in 2014 (!). While I like to hold on to my old work to be able to see how I grow over the years, I encourage your to check out my more recent work, here. 


Helsinki ValokuvaajaHääkuvaus Helsinki Helsinki Wedding Photographer Helsinki Valokuvaaja Helsinki Wedding Photographer Hääkuvaus HelsinkiHelsinki ValokuvaajaHääkuvaus HelsinkiHelsinki Valokuvaaja

I started 2015 season with documenting the wedding of Jaakko‘s younger brother, Pietari, and his gorgeous girl, Milla. Not much green in Helsinki in April just yet, but we found the perfect locations for their portraits. I felt so very blessed to be part of their day.

The ceremony took place at Helsinki Cathedral (Helsingin Tuomiokirkko), and it was actually the first time for me to cover a wedding there. It is a challenging church from my view (in comparison to so many other churches in Finland which are more generous with composition opportunities). But I’m quite pleased with the result. The service was beautiful. The ceremony ended with communion for all who were present.

Milla writes about their day:
“The wedding day was just awesome. Our favorite part was the ceremony in the church. When I was walking down the aisle I thought that ”Man, this is the best moment of my whole life!!!”

It was a great decision to advice the guests to turn off their phones and cameras. Everyone was so present. Marked seating rows worked as well! We’re happy that it was a mass and our best friends performed a cover of our favorite song :)  It was FUN to have the limo and the limo group with us during the drive.

It was cold outside when taking the photos, but we handled it. “

Helsingin Tuomiokirkko HäätMilla + Pietari 110Milla + Pietari 111Milla + Pietari 112Milla + Pietari 113dokumentaarinen hääkuvaus helsinkiHelsingin Tuomiokirkko HäätHelsingin Tuomiokirkko HäätHelsinki Cathedral WeddingMilla + Pietari 120Helsinki Cathedral WeddingMilla + Pietari 125BHääkuvaus Helsingin TuomiokirkkoMilla + Pietari 128Milla + Pietari 129Hääkuvaus Helsingin TuomiokirkkoMilla + Pietari 132Milla + Pietari 133dokumentaarinen hääkuvaus helsinkiMilla + Pietari 135Helsinki Cathedral WeddingHääkuvaus Helsingin TuomiokirkkoMilla + Pietari 138Milla + Pietari 139Milla + Pietari 140Milla + Pietari 141dokumentaarinen hääkuvaus helsinkiMilla + Pietari 143Hääkuvaus Helsingin TuomiokirkkoHelsingin Tuomiokirkko HäätHääkuvaus Helsingin TuomiokirkkoMilla + Pietari 147Milla + Pietari 148Milla + Pietari 149Milla + Pietari 150Milla + Pietari 151 Helsinki Wedding Photographer Milla + Pietari 153Milla + Pietari 154 Helsinki Wedding Photographer Milla + Pietari 156 Helsinki Wedding Photographer Milla + Pietari 158Milla + Pietari 159Milla + Pietari 160Milla + Pietari 161Milla + Pietari 162Hääkuvaus HelsinkiMilla + Pietari 164Hääkuvaus HelsinkiMilla + Pietari 166Milla + Pietari 167Hääkuvaus Helsinki Helsinki Wedding Photographer dokumentaarinen hääkuvaus helsinkiHääkuvaus Helsinkidokumentaarinen hääkuvaus helsinki
Helsingin Tuomiokirkko Häät. Hääkuva. Hääkuvaaja.

AAAAAAA Maria the photos are just gorgeous!!!!
And there are so many of them! You did such awesome work. We are so so happy! :)

We want to thank you from all our hearts. You are the best. Hope we can stay in touch. :)
Blessings to you and your family! Have an awesome summer.

Milla & Pietari

Helsingin Tuomiokirkko Häät  / Helsinki Hääkuva. Hääkuvaaja.
Helsinki Cathedral Wedding / Helsinki Wedding Photographer


Oh, so lovely pictures, wonderful! Thank You, Maria!!

I wish American Weddings were this cool these are amazing!

So smooth and calming to look at these beautiful romantic photos

These are awesome!! Great shots, loving the editing :)

Ah man, seriously stunning portraits, love the locations.

wow. stunning locations, couple and so relaxed! love it!

Epic location and photographs, of course!

Spectacular, and so much fun. Those shots in that long grass are the best!

Stunning coverage Maria, what a gorgeous setting

Such an awesome set of images of a truly beautiful wedding!

The portraits in the birch trees are my favorite, so lovely.

Fantastic coverage! The locations are so beautiful here! I think the newlyweds are super happy with their pictures!

beautiful story, amazing edition… congrats!!!

Upeita kuvia! Saako kysyä, millä kameralla ja objektiivilla ylläolevat kuvat on otettu?


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