Charlotta + Fredrik

Johanneksenkirkko Häät // Ravintola Saaristo Häät // Klippan Häät

An elegant autumn wedding of two wonderful people.
Charlotta and Fredrik’s wedding was the last wedding of the summer season for me, and it could not have been any cooler.

As I met the girls getting ready in the morning at Hotel Haven, I found out that Charlotta’s sister was Rufus’s classmate in high school. And later on at the church I discovered I knew the priest – the SwedishFinnish world really is small! The ceremony took place at one of my favorite Cathedrals in Helsinki – Johannesksenkirkko. As the weather was very unstable, we decided on taking the portraits inside Johannes Church, a really cool place to shoot wedding portraits in, and definitely a great place for little kids to run around. The celebration was held at Ravintola Saaristo, a beautiful restaurant on Klippan island.

Charlotta was so considerate, Sofia and I had our own little table all for ourselves, fully decorated and positioned in a really strategic place from where we could easily see the couple and still have our own working space. I felt pampered.

Thank you Sofia for joining me on this wedding. And fighting through all that rain on the way home :)

Hotel Haven häätHotel Haven häätHotel Haven häätJohanneksenkirkkoHäät JohanneksenkirkossaJohanneksenkirkkoJohanneksenkirkko häätJohanneksenkirkko häätJohanneksenkirkko häätJohanneksenkirkko Johanneksenkirkko häätJohannes Church WeddingJohannes Church WeddingJohanneksenkirkko häätJohanneksenkirkko häätKlippan hääjuhlaRavintola Saaristo Häät KlippanRavintola SaaristoRavintola SaaristoSaaristo HääjuhlaSaaristo HääjuhlaRavintola Saaristo HääjuhlaRavintola Saaristo HäätRavintola Saaristo HäätHelsinki hääkuvausHelsinki hääkuvausRavintola Saaristo Häät Ravintola Saaristo HääjuhlaKlippanSaaristoRavintola Saaristo Häät häävalokuvaaja Helsinkihäävalokuvaaja Helsinkihäävalokuvaaja Helsinki
Johanneksenkirkko Häät // Ravintola Saaristo Häät

Our wedding day was exciting and went according to our plans (in that extension that a day like that can be planned). The guests enjoyed themselves and have told us afterwards that they thought the ceremony and reception was filled with warmth and love, with which we agree. It is however surprising how much one can forget from the day because of the excitement. The photos have been a good way to recall our memories and live the day over and over again.

The qualities we searched for when deciding upon a wedding photographer, was a professional who could take formal and informal photos that gives an overview of our special day. Our friends recommended Maria Hedengren Photography. We looked at your photos on your blog and saw that you had an artistic unconventional way of taking photos. We liked the way you photographed couples as if they weren’t posing (even if they were). Neither of us loves to pose, and therefore the photos that capture special moments during the day were an especially important thing for us.

We were very pleased with the set-up (how we stand, what we do etc.) in the photos. The photos have a unique artistic expression, but it still looks natural. Also the other people who have seen our images have reacted positively to them.  They´ve said that feeling of the moment is very well expressed and communicated through the photos.

 We liked that you were determined and professional as a photographer. During a wedding day a wedding couple don´t have time and resources to guide a photographer. Therefore it´s very important that the photographer takes the lead during the photo sessions and has a professional touch.

You encouraged us to go beyond our comfort zone and proved that anyone can look good in photos (sometimes with a little guidance). You are a professional photographer with a determined touch to what you do.

Charlotta & Fredrik

Getting ready at Hotel Haven.
Church: Johanneksenkirkko Häät
Reception: Ravintola Saaristo

Hair + Makeup:  Cime Beauty House
Wedding dress: Panayotis Brudekjoler
Shoes: Stilissima
Veil: Panayotis Brudekjoler
Jewelry: Lindroos
Bridesmaids Dresses: Debenhams
Groom’s Suit and Shoes: Frakkipalvelu Nam
Flowers: Kukkakauppa Floranna
Stationary: Kärkipaino Oy
Catering Cake: Ravintola Saaristo


what an awesome job… simply love the ceremony frames..

Gorgeous images! That B&W if the bride in the Audi…the details of her dress and the texture of the rain on the window…LOVE!!

gorgeous!!!! love the storytelling….and you captured some stunning details too!

Lovely images. Great sense of the story of the day.

Beautiful bride and groom session!

Love the set — those church shots were spectacular!

You captured and told their wedding story beautifully, phenomenal work!


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