Modern, Industrial, Urban Wedding in Helsinki

LINDA + JAAKKO | April 2014

Kellohalli Häät | Spring Helsinki Wedding | Kellohalli Wedding 


I photographed this wedding back in 2014 (!). While I like to hold on to my old work to be able to see how I grow over the years, I encourage your to check out my more recent work, here. 


Linda writes about their day: “We didn’t have that much of a vision of the wedding in the beginning. Only a idea of the venue. We wanted a place in the city but not a traditional one. When we founded Kellohalli we knew this was the place. It is a great venue, very good food and wines and excellent staff. Hey Look helped us with the invitations, decorations, flowers and print material. We got the idea of the red color from the invitations. Then I bought red shoes and Jaakko bought a red bow tie. We both liked a strong energetic color but not too much in focus.

All parts of the wedding were important to us but most of all the atmosphere. We both think that the wedding ended up better than we could even imagine. The day was magical and we where both so happy the whole day. It was a great day!”

Linda Jaakko 001Linda Jaakko 002Linda Jaakko 003Linda Jaakko 004Linda Jaakko 005Linda Jaakko 006Linda Jaakko 007Linda Jaakko 008Linda Jaakko 009Linda Jaakko 010Linda Jaakko 011Linda Jaakko 012Linda Jaakko 013Linda Jaakko 014Linda Jaakko 015Linda Jaakko 016Linda Jaakko 017Linda Jaakko 018Linda Jaakko 019Wedding Photographer FinlandWedding Photographer FinlandWedding Photographer FinlandWedding Photographer FinlandWedding Photographer HelsinkiLinda Jaakko 025Wedding Photographer HelsinkiLinda Jaakko 027Wedding Photographer HelsinkiWedding Photographer HelsinkiLinda Jaakko 030Hääkuvaaja HelsinkiHääkuvaaja HelsinkiWedding Photographer Helsinkidokumentaarinen hääkuvausHäävalokuvaaja HelsinkiLinda Jaakko 036Linda Jaakko 037Linda Jaakko 038Linda Jaakko 040Linda Jaakko 039ravintoal KellohalliLinda Jaakko 042HeyLookHeyLookLinda Jaakko 045HeyLook weddingHelsinki wedding plannerHelsinki wedding plannerLinda Jaakko 049Linda Jaakko 050Linda Jaakko 051Linda Jaakko 052Linda Jaakko 053Linda Jaakko 054Linda Jaakko 055Linda Jaakko 056Linda Jaakko 057Häävalokuvaaja HelsinkiLinda Jaakko 059Linda Jaakko 060Häävalokuvaaja HelsinkiHäävalokuvaajaLinda Jaakko 063Linda Jaakko 064Linda Jaakko 065Linda Jaakko 066Linda Jaakko 067ravintola Kellohalli Linda Jaakko 069Linda Jaakko 070Linda Jaakko 071Linda Jaakko 072Linda Jaakko 073Linda Jaakko 074ravintola Kellohalli Linda Jaakko 076Linda Jaakko 077Linda Jaakko 078Linda Jaakko 079Linda Jaakko 080Linda Jaakko 081Linda Jaakko 082Linda Jaakko 083Linda Jaakko 084Linda Jaakko 085Linda Jaakko 086dokumentaarinen hääkuvauskellohalli weddingLinda Jaakko 089Linda Jaakko 090Kellohalli haatLinda Jaakko 092Linda Jaakko 093Linda Jaakko 094Linda Jaakko 095Linda Jaakko 096Linda Jaakko 097Linda Jaakko 098Linda Jaakko 099dokumentaarinen hääkuvausLinda Jaakko 101Linda Jaakko 102Kellohalli WeddingLinda Jaakko 104Kellohalli WeddingLinda Jaakko 106Linda Jaakko 107Linda Jaakko 108Linda Jaakko 109dokumentaarinen hääkuvausLinda Jaakko 111Kellohalli WeddingLinda Jaakko 113Linda Jaakko 114dokumentaarinen hääkuvausLinda Jaakko 116Linda Jaakko 117Linda Jaakko 118Linda Jaakko 119Linda Jaakko 120

Kellohalli Häät

What were you looking for when searching for a wedding photographer? How did you choose me?
We wanted to have some modern not traditional pictures and your pictures and style suited us perfectly.

Were your expectations met?  In what areas did I meet your expectations? What did you most enjoyed about working with me?
We are very happy with the pictures. They ended up perfect for us. We didn’t that much expectations just a wish to capture the feeling and atmosphere of the day with our friends and family. You are very nice person to work with – calm, funny and talented.

Are you satisfied with the quality of the photographs in terms of artistic expression?  What was the response/reaction of your parents and your friends when seeing the images?
We are very satisfied with the quality of your pictures – they are very professional. You captured great the colours and moments in a fresh way! Our friends and family where thrilled of the pictures. It was easier for them to look at the pictures from your blog.

Thank you Erika Lindström for assisting me for this wedding.

Ceremony: Lähetyskirkko
Reception: Kellohalli

Hair Stylist: Tuula Jääskeläinen, AKA LUOVA
Make-up Artist: Aino-Sofia Kojonen
Wedding Dress: Sweetheart
Bride’s Cashmere Scarf by Arela
Bride’s Shoes: Pura Lopez
Groom’s Suit: Tiger of Sweden
BowTie: Dako
Flowers: HeyLook
Wedding Rings: Thomas Holmström
Singer (first dance): Sara Sayed 
DJ: Janne S
Catering and Wedding Cake: Kellohalli
Stationary: HeyLook
Graphic Design: HeyLook
Wedding Styling and Concept: HeyLook


Great coverage. Love the urban backdrop to there portraits.

Man oh man I love a bride who loves red, and that reception is swanky wonderfulness. Gorgeous stuff!

Gosh I love all of the colors in this wedding. The red jacket and lipstick and shoes just all look so good :) I love your coverage of the reception especially!

Gorgeous couple! I love their portraits in front of the graffiti!

Maria…you’re always so awesome, Maria… (sung to the tune of “Maria” from West Side Story). :-)

Mannn this is so good! The adorable glances at the ceremony, her teeny bouquet, THE RED WRAP (!!!) all of it. Your photos of the reception space are phenomenal. Love everything about this wedding! Makes me miss winter.

One of your finest!

maria these are so beautiful! and the bride has such great style! you ave a wonderful eye!

Omgosh these are so gorgeous!

Solid coverage, Maria. Well done.

Full of emotions and joy. Interesting venues powered your work. Good job! :)


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