Finnish + Jewish Barn Wedding at Martinpiha, Lohjansaari

TARJA + MICHAEL | August 2014

Martinpiha Häät | Lohjansaari Häät | Finnish Jewish Barn Wedding.


I photographed this wedding back in 2014. While I like to hold on to my old work to be able to see how I grow over the years, I encourage your to check out my more recent work, here. 


Martinpiha Häät

“I am my beloved’s and my beloved is mine..
אֲנִי לְדוֹדִי וְדוֹדִי לִי, הָרֹעֶה בַּשּׁוֹשַׁנִּים

You are as beautiful as Tirzah, my darling,
    as lovely as Jerusalem,
    as majestic as troops with banners.
Turn your eyes from me;
    they overwhelm me.
Sixty queens there may be,
 (..) but my dove, my perfect one, is unique”

An island on an lake, in Finland.
An outdoor Jewish Wedding Ceremony.
A chuppah.
Readings from the Song of Solomon in Hebrew and in Finnish.
Some unexpected rain.
A crushed glass.
A party in a barn.
Lawn games.
Dancing in the night.
Laughter and joy.

“I am my beloved’s and my beloved is mine..”
אֲנִי לְדוֹדִי וְדוֹדִי לִי, הָרֹעֶה בַּשּׁוֹשַׁנִּים

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Ceremony and Reception: Martinpiha Häät
Videography: Matteo Castelluccia

Make up: Kauneussalonki Marenki, Sirpa Ahtola
Hair stylist: : Parturi-Kampaamo Hair Trend, Ulla Hämäläinen
Wedding dress: Angelica Bridal Boutique London, Rembo Styling, ‘Jolie’
Shoes: Karen Millen
Groom’s Suit: Tailor in Doha!
Flowers and decorations: Hey Look
Design and concept: Hey Look
Stationary: Hey Look
Catering: Martinpiha
Cake: Café St Honoré Lohja
Music during ceremony and drinks: Markus Hämäläinen 
Band: The Sense Band 
Wedding planner: Michaela Egger / Hey Look


I love how intimate these feel, like you’re right there with them. You did an amazing job with these, I can bet they are thrilled.

That laugh just before she throws the bouquet. Priceless!

LOVE those getting ready moments!! Awesome work!

Thanks, Gavin! I hardly ever post the bouquet toss shots but these were too irresistible.

Love your photo-journalistic way of shooting, beautifully captured.

Every photo has so much character in it. Really awesome work.

Your portrait work here is perfect. Such great bridal party shots. Particularly the groomsmen shot.

Beautiful set here Mariah! The way you see the world is exquisite.

What a gorgeous wedding. I want to live in these photos!

Such a great style to this wedding, these guys look stunning, brilliant job Maria

looks like a great wedding, so much fun and great shots.

Thank you so much Maria for these amazing pictures. They take us straight back to the day and capture the atmosphere of the entire day perfectly. I want to relive it all again! Thank you for your patience during the day and for your help throughout the process. We will treasure these pictures forever!


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