Stone Town Spice Tour

Stone Town Travel Photographer

We stayed in Stone Town during our first days on Zanzibar island. We explored the narrow streets of the beautiful town, we ate Zanzibari food, I took an enormous amount of photos of doors and we went on a spice tour.

Here are some images from our adventures.


pomelozanzibar spice tourzanzibar spice tourzanzibar spice tourTurmeric.Lemongrass.lemongrassFresh ginger. I tasted it. It was indescribable. fresh ginger.Cacao.cacao and antsCinnamon. I munched on this as well. cinnamon treeCardamom.zanzibar spice tourVanilla. Most expensive spice of Zanzibar as it ripens only once a year in September. green vanillaCoffee.coffeeCurry.curryPepper. And the interesting thing about it is that all green, black, red and white pepper are the same plant but the process of production is different.
Green pepper = green, unripe peppercorns, treated in a way to retain the green color.
Black pepper = green, unripe peppercorns, cooked in hot water and dried in the sun.
White pepper = the seed of the peppercorns, the darker skin being removed. Quite a laborious process which leads to the white pepper being most expensive.
Red pepper = ripe peppercorns.

pepper treeClove.clove plantCoconut!coconut pickinggreen coconutzanzibar spice tourzanzibari foodzanzibari foodStone Town Wedding PhotographerStone Town Wedding PhotographerStone TownStone Town DoorStone Town DoorStone TownStone Town DoorStone TownStone Town Wedding Photographer Stone Town Wedding Photographer Stone Town Travel PhotographerStone Town marketStone Town marketStone Town Wedding Stone Town sugar cane drinkStone Town Wedding

Stone Town Travel Photographer

quite an experience… lovely!

helt förtjusande

ff frumoase ca si voi, dealtfel!

foarte frumoase , ceva ce nu poti uita niciodata…felicitari.. sa fiti sanatosi si fericiti..



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