A 5 Years Anniversary Session on Koh Lanta Island, Thailand

Jonna + Jarkko

Thailand travel photography. A 5 year anniversary session with Jonna and Jarkko, on Koh Lanta, Thailand.

During their first visit to Koh Lanta, Thailand, Jonna and Jarkko discovered this island’s beauty. During the last years, Koh Lanta has become a luxury getaway destination. It offers great diving sites, beautiful beaches, mangrove forests, monkeys, great seafood and fun beach bars. So Jonna decided to share her experience of Thailand with her family, taking her mother and siblings there for Christmas 2013.

It was the same year that Jonna and Jarkko had celebrated their 5 years anniversary. Their were one of the first couples who’s wedding I had photographed when I was starting out as a wedding photographer back in 2008. So it was simply awesome to spend an afternoon with them exploring Koh Lanta and taking some fresh pictures.

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Thailand Travel Photography

Location: Moonlight Exotic Bay Resort, Koh Lanta, Thailand.
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What a great way to remember your anniversary.

gorgeous work maria….i love them all.

Just beautiful. Happy Anniversary!

so many great photos! love the one with the kayakers. such a great anniversary celebration!

What an awesome idea for a 5 year anniversary! And what a location <3

Gorgeous! Last few frames are especially nice.

These photos look so freaking beautiful, love them. The last ones on the beach are so dramatic and lovely.

That’s awesome! Amazing locations and great memories for the couple for sure!

What a fantastic location that you’ve captured perfectly. I love the BW silhouettes too!

Lovely photos! And beautiful use of the scenery.

Wow, just wow! The last few frames are stunning.

What an amazing location. So freakin pretty. A wonderful way to celebrate!

So awesome Maria!

Love that they got onto the rocks .. that shot is awesome Maria!

Thailand looks crazy. Wicked post.


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